Yesterday afternoon we took the hour trek up north to the biggest LEGO Party known to man- LEGO KidsFest at the University of Phoenix Stadium.  Raymond knew about the “LEGO PARTY”(that’s what we called it) and had been anticipating our trip for quite some time.  And it did not disappoint!legokidsfest5

Parking was easy-so many options-and all clearly laid out. Loved that we didn’t have to park far away… especially when the three and one year old ask to be carried.  As we ran down the ramps and entered LEGO KidsFest Raymond just stopped and stared in pure awe.

LEGO bricks as far as the eye could see.


There were so, so, so many LEGO creations to take pictures with at KidsFest.  We spent easily an hour walking around and letting the kids explore the life-size creations.


Emma Marie wanted pictures with: R5D4(Star Wars), Cinderella, ALL OF THE ANIMALS, Woody & Buzz, AND The Hulk until she got right up next to him and realized he was MUCH, MUCH BIGGER in real life… we have lots of dress-up outfits-princess, super heroes and such- and she LOVES to dress up like The Hulk. Anything that moved was just a little too realistic for her and she preferred to be carried.


Raymond wanted pictures with: R2D2(Star Wars), Dragon, Darth Vader, Clone Trooper(sensing a trend…), Lightening McQueen, Shredder, and the “real life” Ninja. My ears are STILL recovering from the loudest squeal of glee when Raymond saw R2D2-LOVED the Star Wars section of #LEGOKidsFest.

Dreams do come true people.

Dreams do come true.









 You take your eye off your toddler for one second… and they put a LEGO in their mouth. True life, with kids.



 She knew just how COOL this area was because Raymond let the entire 30 foot radius know… She learns from the best.


A dream is a wish your heart makes. When you’re fast asleep.



Emma Marie proudly carried around her own map and goodies throughout our trip.  Seldom did she let go of those keepsakes, save to race a car, or grab a picture in the photo booth with Mom. LOVED the free Princess Photo booth.





 Proud Little Man



That is one BIG kitty.


My favorites were definitely a throwback to my childhood with THE SHREDDER. Loved all of the TMNT at LEGO KidsFest AND perhaps the kids should’ve donned their matching Ninja Turtle t-shirts.  They ask to wear them every day… Raymond gets that they need to be washed. BUT Emma? She doesn’t take well to the word, “No.”


 That face says it all. Dreams DO come true.






Clutch Family Photo with the Arizona Cardinal


 Emma Marie was smitten. Purely smitten with this display.


Whenever she wanted to take a picture with a display she would ask for me to grab the camera and then would run over to the display and every so slowly back up into it. Pretty priceless.

Raymond and my husband spent easily an hour in The Pile and building cars to race down ramps so Emma and I had a fun time exploring the arena.


 The Force is STRONG with this one.


 Framing this. STAT.


Lightning McQueen was a BIG DEAL at our #DisneySide @Home Cars Celebration two weeks ago and goodness were both Em and Raymond excited to see a full-size replica of him.



We left after two FULL hours of fun! LEGO KidsFest is definitely an entertaining event! AND it sells out in every city! Make sure to grab your tickets while you can-memories were made that night.

We ended up going to the Chipotle a block away from the event for dinner-it is one of two allergy-friendly restaurants that we can safely eat at-and boy were we all famished.  Burrito bowls for all!  On the trip back home we sang Raffi songs and talked about our favorite moments of the day.

I love being able to sit down each day and find out what was most memorable for each of them. Sometimes it is the smallest thing that made their day… and it is a helpful reminder that not everything has to be perfect to be wonderful.

For more information about LEGO KidsFest check out this post: LEGO KidsFest Phoenix.

Plan on uploading our Race Footage to my YouTube Page- HERE.

Have you been to LEGO KidsFest? Did you grow up playing with LEGO bricks?

Goodness we had three massive containers to make all sorts of contraptions. Thankful for those fond memories that help me go to “my happy place” when I step on ANOTHER brick in the house. Never fails.



Sponsored by LEGO KidsFest. All opinions as always are 100% my own.


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