HOMEJOY-Sparkling Clean Home for the Holidays



As many of you know we are having our family fly in from Washington State and Hawaii for the holidays and for many moms(right?!?) making sure the house is clean is one of the NUMBER ONE stressors during the holidays.  When Homejoy offered a clean house in time for the holidays I jumped at the chance to see how(someone else) could deep clean my house.  I mean cleaning with a toddler AND preschooler in the house is like brushing your teeth and then eating an oreo…. it just never-EVER- feels clean.

Setting up my appointment and adding in the essential extras- hello deep cleaned oven-mircrowave-and fridge- and picking a day took me literally a minute.  I sat there staring at the screen and actually sent the image of the appointment to my husband and mom.  They were going to clean our ENTIRE house top-to-bottom.  I don’t think our entire house has been deep cleaned all at once-ever.  We moved into this house when I was 19 weeks pregnant with Raymond.  Sure, I’ve completed a bunch of projects in the house-all of the rooms have been painted(and re-painted) and installed various appliances… but deep cleaning? Not in my M.O.



Our lovely Homejoy Cleaning Professional, Ramon, arrived fifteen minutes early- a big old smile on his face-and immediately asked where I would like him to start. My kids loved how nice he was and I loved that he asked where he could start- hello naptime savior.  So upstairs he went and we played our little hearts out downstairs.  After he was done, he showed me from room to room what he did… and embarrassingly enough I think my mouth was hanging open the whole time(not making that up).  It was spotless.  We immediately went upstairs for naptime and BOOM he attacked the downstairs with a vengeance.  That poor powder bathroom has seen better days- potty training?!?! and I sort of cringed at how bad my oven and kitchen were… I mean if you looked at it from afar, sure it’s clean.  But goodness, one step inside and any Type A person would break out in a cold sweat.


The kids woke up from naptime just in time to wave goodbye to Ramon.  The entire house was sparkling, smelled clean, and in that moment I realized WHY people have their houses cleaned.  It was THAT feeling of finality.  The house was ready for our entire family and there is not one thing I need to clean.  And do you know that I could have signed up for them to complete all of my laundry?!? Yep. It’s an option.






That little yellow sticker, all of the towels folded beautifully, it felt like I was in an immaculate hotel.  My husband literally said-and I quote, “HOLY COW,” when he walked in.  Apparently, my cleaning doesn’t bring the WOW factor.  And how could it? With two little ones right behind me there is no way I could have done this in a day-not humanly possible.


Merry Christmas to me!  Say no to stress, hire HOMEJOY for the holidays.  Yes, that should be their slogan.  Now I’m off to go sit down and relax… feet up, reveling in the holiday season.  Thank you HOMEJOY, from the bottom of my oven, to the tops of our ceiling fans.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You can set up your appointment JUST in time for the holidays with HOMEJOY HERE. I don’t get anything if you do… BUT you get a clean house…. so? WIN.

BUT if you would like $25 toward your first cleaning(and I get $25 toward a future deep clean) click HERE.-thank you!




I received free service from Homejoy in order to review .  As always, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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