Monthly Archives: March 2011

Bloating, Exhaustion and Moodiness OH MY!!!

So I may only be 6 1/2 weeks along but man has my body been changing.  I have lost five pounds over the past two weeks but all of my pants are tight along my midsection.  Rachel assures me that my body is repositioning the fat to surround my lower tummy and that this is a good thing… but it makes for some uncomfortable times.  I have been using belts to make my pants sit a lot higher… which makes me look like Urkel.  But this is comfy and I don’t care!  I own enough long cardigans to hide the high rising pants!  I no longer fit in any of my bras, even the large sport bras no longer work.  I am biding my time until I am home in WA and will go shopping with Mom for a new supply.

As for work, I make it until about 2PM every day before I start to feel queasy and dizzy.  The feeling usually does not go away until I get home from work at 4PM and eat dinner.  Dinner at 4PM, that’s right.  I then proceed to take a nap until about 7PM.  When I wake-up I try to get chores done: laundry, dishes, vacuuming and(not a chore) playing with Baby Girl. Around 8:30PM I head upstairs and read the latest Clive Cussler book and then right before I fall asleep I call Gabe and he reads me to sleep with another Clive Cussler novel.  One of the most romantic things he does(there are a long list of things) now that we are long-distance during the week.

My hormones make me pretty hard to live with and I am kind of thankful that Gabe only see’s me on the weekends.  Although I can not wait until we live together again 24/7!!!  I cry over anything remotely sad.  I forget things that have been said at night and conversations we’ve had(which I am having a hard time with because I usually have a wonderful memory- no Sheldon-esk but good!) I can no longer watch anything close to being scary at night(this includes Jurassic Park) because whatever I watch/talk about right before I go to bed I dream about.  And when I say dream, I mean very VIVID dreams.  I dream every night now which is completely weird.

I miss having physical support at night, but Baby Girl is one loyal kitty cat and stays right by my side.  She talks all the time and when people call to talk and I put it on Speaker phone she always thinks that we are talking to her.  So cute!  Every now and then when I get really lonely at night and don’t feel well I let Baby Girl come in and sleep with me on the big bed. This usually involves less sleep because she has a habit of walking over you at different points during the night.  If need be she will sit next to your face until you can FEEL someone watching you until you wake-up and then the meowing commences.  This is completely lovable but it’s usually at 3-4AM.

I am so excited about the next chapters of our lives together!!! 2011 is a year of blessings!  I have finally learned that you CANNOT plan every aspect of your life, even though I am a MASTER planner.  And that I am completely supported by the best man, families and friends I could ever have hoped for! Crap, now I’m crying!  Gabriel and I are so blessed and I am so thankful to everyone in our lives for their love and understanding. <3 Holly Marie