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Week 24.5 Weeks!

How far along? 24.5 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Maternity pants, regular tops with the occasional maternity top

Stretch Marks: I feel the stretching…. looks like I swallowed a watermelon

Sleep: eh… I don’t remember what restful sleep feels like.  So I can’t miss what I don’t know.

Best Moment This/Last Month: Having Gabe, Rach and my Mom see and feel the baby’s headbutts!

Movement: Almost non-stop… he is strong and should be exhausted!

Food Cravings: Fruit, twice baked potatoes and taco-time: YUM

Gender: BOY

Labor Signs: None, thank goodness… he needs to stay in there!

Belly Button in or out?  In- but you can’t really see it anymore: it’s hiding.

Wedding rings on/off?  On

What I miss: Not having back pain

What I am looking forward to: Nesting….more….

Milestones:  You can see baby move from the outside!

Whheeewwwww… Lot’s of Travel…

Great weekend in WI watching our wonderful friends get married! Such a beautiful ceremony and the weather was perfect for being outdoors!  This last Sunday I was in four states in one day… WI, Georgia, AZ and then WA.

The weather is sooooo much cooler here in Washington.  I love being able to go outside and hike without sweating!  I have been working on continuously eating healthy food with some slight indulgences every once in awhile and make sure to get exercise in every day.  Today my mother and I went on a strenuous walk up a hill with over a 10% grade.  It was a killer workout and it felt so good to get in some hill work, a great change to the walks I have been doing in “flatland” Chandler.

My belly has grown tremendously the last two weeks and I have found myself accidentally bumping my belly into things around the house.  Clumsiness is continuing to haunt me.

Another side effect that I found extremely irritating was swollen ankles from this past weekend at the wedding.  Gabriel and I  landed after a 10 hr airport excursion from PHO to ATL to MIL and after two hours of sleep and a short nap at the hotel walked around the area and we walked the half-mile to the rehearsal( I wore three inch heels).Then starting early Saturday morning(the baby doesn’t let me sleep in) hiking around the city to a wonderful morning coffee, a brunch location, and an attempt to get to the main downtown area and shop. Then proceeded to the wedding later in the evening and it was magical!  We got back from the wedding a little after midnight and were off on our airport adventure at 4:30AM Sunday back to ATL then to PHO.  It was at this time that I noticed my ankles were swollen to the size of softballs and had bruises on them.  Reminded me of the times I sprained my ankles throughout the soccer days back when.  Let me say that it did not look pretty… Gross actually sums it up correctly.  After three days of ice and elevation my ankles are back to their bony selves and I look normal-ish : ).

After reading various blogs and other stories I feel extremely blessed that I can feel baby kicking, head-butting, and squirming around in there almost 24/7.  He wakes me up around 8AM every day and is the most rambunctious at 10:30PM at night.  I love that my family members can also see him moving around and have been able to feel him kick and or receive an aggressive head-butt!

Such a quick little sporadic update, definitely not staying on any topic, sorry for the randomness : )

Feeling loved and blessed! <3

Traveling Mom… All over the WORLD… aka US

Gabriel and I are setting off for Tina’s wedding tomorrow at midnight.  We both have never been to WI and are excited to see Tina’s hometown and watch her big day!  I need to pack and get the house ready tomorrow because we get back on Sunday afternoon and I leave for WA Sunday night to be there for part of the summer and Dar’s wedding.

It is especially interesting to pack for a growing belly.  I have had little fits of not liking anything that I have to wear either because it’s too hot to wear it or it hurts my belly.  So this should be good.

I am glad that the baby’s room is basically put together and that the house is organized because when I get back I start work that Monday at school.  I am looking forward to working with elementary school students but will definitely miss the angst that comes with watching middle schoolers grow up.

After I get back I technically have two more weeks I could travel before the cut-off date from my doctor but don’t think we will be going anywhere by plane mid August. 

My mom and Rachel have their tickets already for November! My mom is coming for about five days around the due date and Rachel will be here for the week of Thanksgiving!  My mom will be flying in again for Thanksgiving so we will have plenty of back-up the first couple of weeks after baby comes!  Gabriel and I both are working on getting to WA for Christmas because the majority of my family will not have met baby yet.  Going to be a great first Christmas with our new bundle of joy!

I will now be blogging from up in the Pacific Northwest and my mom’s ancient-ish computer… but I want to keep a running dialogue of what’s going on in our lives before baby comes  into the world!


Nana Visit

The past couple of days my mom came down from cold and dreary WA to visit!  Of course while she was here, the weather in WA was phenomenal and she was stuck in triple digits in Chandler.  It’s a dry heat… that’s what I kept saying when we would escape from the car to speed walk into a store. 

Alas, some of you know about the little problem we had with our HOA… specifically one HOA so-called President. To get a pool key so a pregnant lady can go swim in the pool we pay for and have forked over a couple of hundred dollars to in closing costs.  <This HOA is only for the pool…we have another HOA that is well-organized for all of the other Cooper Commons area needs.>-There are no known bylaws, they do not have a phone number that reaches a human, they do not have a website, and they do not have an office.  Hinky.. I know.  They have a phone number where you reach a messaging system that emails what you said to a email, promising a response within 24hours.  After over 35 phone calls over the span of a month, I flipped(a little), okay, I flipped a lot!  I found out where the HOA president lives, her personal phone line, her fax line and her email… GOOGLE is amazing by the way, and I sent out a scathing email detailing how she is breaking the law and that I have started a petition in the community and have sought legal counsel and if we do not recieve a response by the end of the business day then we will start the process the following day.  Sure enough, I magically got a response that night.  She didn’t even say anything about all of our previous attempts to get ahold of her, which were incredibly nice for 3 weeks.  A week later Gabriel emailed her and asked if she hadn’t mailed out the key, then he would swing by her house on the way home from work… we recieved the key the next day.  Why is it that sugar never wins out in the long run and only those that are threatening ever get paid any attention to?  But, I digress.

Sure enough the pool key came just in time for my mom and I to enjoy the pool during the record breaking week she was here! SUCCESS! We power walked in the deep end and talked for about an hour each day.  Simply wonderful!

We were also expert shoppers!  Gabriel and I have been having a hard time finding baby bedding sets that we like.  Most are too girly, about baseball, or simply have monkies all over them and you should know that I have an affinity against monkies and have had one since I was little.  My mom and I went to Goodwill where Gabe and I picked up our oak glider for $24 dollars and we went on a search for babies things in good condition.  My mom found the cutest bedding set that is actually from a couture line that looked brand new and was perfect!  We got the baby quilt, bumper pads and dust ruffle for less than $11 dollars.  The same set online costs over $250!  What a bargain!  Plus we looked for baby koalas for the crib and found two darling ones along with a chocolate and yellow lab!  We then went and looked through all of the baby books and picked out 9 that we loved and they were all 99 cents a piece.  All in all, being super shoppers has saved our family so much money!  I have been in Babies R US, Buy Buy Baby and a couple of other boutique stores and have yet to find anything that I loved as much as the things we purchased at Goodwill.  Granted, we were at a Goodwill in a really nice area, which I think helps but still = JACKPOT!

Tina had found a mattress that her coworker was selling that was of great quality and at less than 1/5 of the estimated cost of the actual mattress!  When we went over to her birthday party last week she had it wrapped up and gave it to us as a housewarming gift.  We are so blessed to have such great friends in our lives!  And to top it all off Kyle made some killer burgers!  Who knew that doritos in hamburger meat could taste so good?

And Gabriel was able to get the lifetime crib we ordered( a splurge) from Babies R US for us.  First he tried going and picking it up with the prius, unfortunately for us, the packaging and rails are too big to fit in a regular car and he had to have a friend from work go with the next day with a full sized truck to pick it up.

SOOOO we were able to put the baby’s room primarily together when my mom was here.  Bedding set we love: CHECK! Crib: CHECK! Mattress: CHECK! Baby Book Library Started: CHECK! Baby letters for wall: CHECK! Baby Koalas: CHECK! Glider: CHECK!

Baby Koala and New Bedding!
My Original Baby Furiture

We are just so blessed!

Along with a lot of shopping… we ate some really, really great food- watched the new transformers movie- went to Mystery Dinner Theater- and relaxed and enjoyed the summer!  And I will be in WA State for about 18 days this summer after I get back from WI for Tina’s wedding.  I am looking forward to cooler weather and being surrounded with family before starting work on August 1st at the elementary school in my area.