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Packing for “It’s Time”

There are several lists online- which proved to be quite overwhelming at first.  But since Gabe and I already got to try out a 25 hour stay together in the OB Ward at the hospital we were able to fine tune our packing and add some necessities that we evidently forgot the first time.  New to list-italicized.

Gabe’s Backpack:

  • Jeans
  • Two t-shirts
  • Sleep pants/jammies
  • Collared shirt(pictures)
  • Razor- no beards allowed : )
  • Tennis shoes
  • Two pairs of socks
  • Cards
  • Clive Cussler Book
  • Camera/camcorder and chargers
  • Two sweatshirts- I like the room COLD
  • Skippo

Holly’s Mini-Rolling Bag:

  • Two sweaters
  • Comfy sweats
  • Four pairs of socks
  • Yoga pants
  • Sports bras
  • Slippers
  • Case of bathroom necessities for Gabe and I
  • Eye drops
  • Eye mask- no more blinking lights
  • Hair dryer
  • Towels
  • Sweatshirt

We don’t have to bring any snacks because they stock the kitchen well and you can visit it for free any time of the day/night- AMAZING!

So we are re-packed and ready!!! <3

Uneventful Weekend Update

Strict bed rest coupled with pain, nausea and lack of sleep made this weekend very uneventful.  Gabe and I enjoyed each other’s company and relaxed on the couches.  We have definitely been keeping track of all of the contractions that are plaguing my body… closest sets are still 10 minutes apart and we are told to wait until they are 4-5 minutes apart, and a minute in length… so not yet.  Perhaps this is going to be a November baby : ).  Oh and after being awake until 2:30AM last night with pain problems, Gabe woke up and made me some tea – yummy and soothing.  Thankfully I finally fell asleep a little after 3AM out of pure exhaustion. 

The weather is deciding its finally fall here in the valley.  Highs are still 90, but we haven’t had to use the AC the past three days and I am loving the energy savings <3. 

I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow at 8:15AM and will find out how my body coped this weekend!  Tomorrow is November 1st- 11/1/2011!  Baby is due 11/12/2011!  EXCITED TO SEE OUR BABY BOY! <3

Pet Intuition

Our Cat, Baby Girl.
I contend and firmly believe that animals can sense when something is wrong.  Our cat has not left my side all day and follows me around the house whenever I(briefly) get up.  She is keeping an eye on me and baby. <3

Preeclampsia Hospital Stay

Operation Baby 
Shortly after posting this past Wednesday I called my Doctor to give her a heads-up on my health.  She immediately told me to come in and get checked.  I called Gabe and because I was too dizzy to drive he rescued me and took me to the Doctor. His boss and colleagues are so supportive and have been a real blessing throughout this pregnancy!
Gabe got home just in time to pack-up the car(just in case) and head out.  We made it in and immediately our Doctor said, “Oh dear, you are so puffy.”  I knew it! After a round of labs, reflex tests and BP reading she called the hospital and told us to head over ASAP.  My blood pressure had once again shot up another 10 pts and was at a very dangerous level considering all of the other labs and symptoms.
Thankgoodness for “planning” ahead and packing.  Gabe talked to me continuously throughout the car ride knowing that I was anxious and that I needed to just hear his voice- he knows me so well.
We checked in and got to our room. They wanted to keep me for at least 24 hours for observation and lab work.  I have never been poked and prodded so much in my entire life… so much blood and labs!  We were told to not have ANY visitors… to which I said, ” But one of my best friends works in your ICU dept…” And she said, “Oh, okay.” Our friend Nikki who works in the hospital came in and checked on us after her shift.  It was sooooooo sweet for her to come, wonderful to see a friendly face! <3
We just got checked in and feeling safer being at the hospital.
Yes, they are mismatched. No, I didn’t care. They were comfy. Period.
Cards… helped playing through the pain. Gabe kicked my butt(which is rare : ) ).
Gabe’s food… he LOVED it.
We arrived too late to order dinner… so Gabe went down and ‘secretly’ changed my meal they were going to give me to one of my favorites in the whole wide world- steak, mac-n-cheese, and potatoes!  It was nice to ‘feel’ hungry because I have been struggling to eat the past week and a half.
Medicine- feeling slightly better now <3.
Gabe set-up in his bed(fold out chair).  He read one of our Clive Cussler(where baby gets his name) books as I drifted off to sleep = super sweet <3.
Awake… with the lowest BP reading in three weeks!!! It still is 20 points higher than my BP has been for the past 7 1/2 months but it is about 15 points lower than the past week.
After the last set of labs and finishing the 24 hour test my Doctor said that they were happy that I was stabilized and could head home with a list of “what-ifs” to come back and that I am allowed to do NOTHING. AT ALL.
Gabe and I got home… and we immediately went into Baby Prep again in case we don’t make it through the night or weekend.  He set-up a stool in the kitchen for me so I could make tacos(again… it sounded good) while he vacuumed, spot cleaned, changed our cat’s litter/food/water, and did a load of laundry so we could re-pack our hospital bags.  Dinner- Strawberry Milkshake- Fell asleep watching world series on the couch- Bedtime.
Woke up to my station set-up for me… snacks, cooler, computer and clickers = Can I say… I AM JUST SO DANG LUCKY!  <3 MY HUSBAND!!!!! <3
Goal Today: Relax! Mission in progress! <3 Thanks for all of the supportive messages! <3

20 DAYS!!!

WE ARE READY! Could be any day now! <3

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