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27 Years Old with my Precious 1 Month Old

Four weeks ago the greatest blessing of my life arrived!  I couldn’t think of a better gift than to wake up to his face this morning! <3

Snuggled up in our stroller.

Our cat watches over him all day.

Oh so peaceful!
And here are some pictures I took of him this afternoon…. Happy 1 Month Dirk!

1 Month Old Routine

Our routine for the first month…

I am the most productive in the morning.  Dirk sleeps well, sometimes, but usually a couple of times a day he will get fussy and I will carry him around with me one-handed as I work on tasks as he ‘works things out’.  Hopefully as he gets older he will be able to sleep longer and more soundly, recently he has had some problems with his nose and wakes himself up coughing… makes for cranky baby and sleepless mom.  If I get to brush my teeth and wash my face before the afternoon hits we have had an easy morning and if I get a shower in before Gabe gets home(has happened only once so far) its blissful.  Baby is happy and healthy and we have settled into this daily routine- I’m excited to see what next month has in store for us!  Perhaps longer stretches of sleep(fingers and toes crossed)?

8:30AM Diaper- Feed- Burp-

9:30AM Playtime

10AMish Nap… Sometimes.  Make myself breakfast-woof it down-pound as many glasses of water as humanly possible.

11:30AM-1PM Diaper-Feed-Burp-Bathtime-Diaper-Walk

1PM-2PM Chores and Naptime

2PMish Diaper-Feed-Burp-

3PMish Playtime-Make myself lunch-chug water

4PM Walk

6PM Diaper-Feed-Burp-Playtime-Make myself dinner-chug water

9PM-10PM Diaper-Feed-Burp- Bed

12AM Diaper-Feed-Burp-Bed

3AM Diaper-Feed-Burp-Bed

6AM Diaper-Feed-Burp-Bed

7AM Dishes-Clean Bottles- Laundry- Straighten up- Check email

What I’ve learned so far…

  1. Your brain needs sleep to process thoughts. Sometimes I feel dumb. Can’t think of any better reason to go without sleep though.
  2. Arizona fall and winter are perfect for walks with the stroller… although sometimes I end up holding Dirk and pushing the stroller with a free hand.
  3. Watching his eyes, as he learns about his environment is fascinating… what a wondrous world we live in- fyi- Christmas lights are the bomb.
  4. Babies smell yummy… even better after tub time- and he has an Afro and the start of a mohawk… my soccer star will have soccer hair.
  5. I am the master at one handed tasks now.
    1. Laundry
    2. Dishes
    3. Eating(what I can muster up)
    4. Typing
    5. Bathtime
    6. Texting
  6. Time flies… exponentially.
  7. Lost the water weight(34 lbs- told you I took on water) now just 9lbs to go… walking was hard for the first two weeks- extremely painful-but now my body is almost healed and it feels invigorating!
  8. Being a mom is harder than being a teacher… BUT it is more rewarding! Love waking up to my boy every day and watching him learn and grow throughout the day.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!
  9. My Type A organizational skills-mad skills- definitely helped getting the house ready for baby…. we have a month old and the house is still standing : )
  10. <3 Showers make me feel better… thanks to family members and husband for letting me take them and watching baby

Mini-Photo Update

Tried out the seat from Alaina… his little head and neck need to wait a bit longer : ) But he liked the vibrations!

Mommy Rocks…. yes. she. does.

3 weeks old

Seriously concerned about being in the stroller… at least he has great eyebrow movement!  He has now been on many walks… and either passes out, coos, or screams.

Love <3

Little Blessings

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