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I’ll Be Home for Christmas!!!

Gabe is packed.
Presents are packed.
Dirk and I- IN PROCESS.

I feel like I will never feel that I have everything I need packed… Thank you pregnancy brain for sticking around the past 6 weeks.

Early Check-Up

Yesterday Dirk and I ventured for an early 2 month check-up.  Early-ish because we are headed up to WA and I wanted to make sure he had some antibodies built up against the plane germs we were bound to hit on our Southwest flight.  So at 1 month 17 days Dirk got his 2 month shots with the blessing of our Pediatrician.



1 Month: 22.5 Inches
NOW: 23.25 Inches
Percentile: 90

Head Circumference:

1 Month: 15.25 Inches
NOW: 15.5 Inches
Percentile: 85


1 Month: 10 lbs 6 Ounces
NOW: 11 lbs 14 Ounces
Percentile: 67

Along with the regular check-up above he received four shots and one oral immunization.  I thought the first shot at 1 month was bad… poor Dirk he didn’t even see it coming!  He turned purple and scrunched his face up as tight as he could and uttered a really low groan of pure pain.  He was a trooper and only did that for the first couple of seconds… the rest were filled with tears and a look of what I am stating as “WHY MOM?!?!”… it tore my heart to pieces.

Yesterday was full of cuddles on the couch, endless trips of walking around the dining room table, and lots of BIG mom hugs.  My boy felt awful.  A small dose of children’s Tylenol helped him sleep well at night though… I’m sure he was exhausted from the day, as we both were.

This morning we felt okay for awhile… I was actually thinking that we were feeling ALL better until about 10:30AM.  Cuddles and Tylenol are helping but he is still noticeably in pain.  Hopefully we feel better tomorrow AM because we are taking our first flight to go visit the family up in WA state.  Gabe will get to catch up with us in a couple of days.

My boy is growing up REAL fast… kind of want time to come to a halt… for a little while… because he is getting SOOOO big… he definitely doesn’t look like a newborn anymore(sigh)…

Clothes that fit?  Size 6 month and up.  Not because he is round, he is just long and lean.  I have packed away all of his Newborn clothes and now a sizable chunk of 3 month size onesies and sleepers are retired.  Thinking we will have to actually buy some clothes soon… didn’t think that was going to happen for months! <3 Growing Up <3

Weekend Warriors

We are working on packing up for Washington!  Laundry is in process- Bags are laid out in spare bedroom- Gabe is packed up- Baby is primarily packed- I am making progress.  Dirk gets his 2 month shots early because we are flying to WA early Wednesday morning.  So I plan on having a VERY fussy baby on my hands after the appointment Monday morning(last time it took over 24 hrs to feel better after 1 shot- this time we get 4 shots, uh-oh).
DIY Christmas Gifts… No finished project pictures : )

Weekend Morning Walk
“No pictures Mom!”

The Play Mat
Dirk just found the mirror!
Ohhhh vanity! : )
Multi-use Boppy!
Baby Girl
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!
Holly Dishes
First Homemade Meal by Moi!
Garlic-Pepper Chicken with Baked Potatoes – YUM!  I definitely felt ‘put together’ for being able to cook a meal after a long, busy day : ).
Partner in Crime
6 Weeks Old Today!
Tile- DONE Shower Trim- DONE Shower Door- TOMORROW
Looking forward to having our master bathroom done!

Preparing Our Family Adventure

As I type this my stomach starting to knot up.  I am extremely nervous about traveling with a 6-week-old by myself.  I know, I know… it is only a 2.75 hour flight, but still.  I remember when I would sigh and hastily get out my ear plugs as yet again another child screamed away on the plane.  Granted, it was always toddlers and children 3+ years of age that I have encountered on flights that have had problems but I can clearly remember how EVERYONE was upset/angry/pissed that they were crying. 

Dirk and I are flying on Southwest home for the holidays a couple of days before Gabe gets to go.  I plan on boarding early and then either:

  1. Sit in the front of the plane… so we get to deboard fast.
  2. Sit in the back of the plane… so that I can stroll the aisle without being tackled as a ‘terrorist’ if there is someone in the bathroom in the front- remember the whole only one person up at a time in the front?-yea I do.
  3. Aisle?
  4. Window?

I have figured out how to put on our baby carrier solo and how to gently place him in it.  He loves being snuggled up!  I also have been able to bottle feed him while he was in the carrier when he had a ‘minor’ meltdown at a BabiesRUS, score!  Plus it is easy to burp him in.

Now I have questions… what am I allowed to bring on the plane for baby?  How much can I have in his bottles?  Do I need a proof of birth certificate to prove he is my son?  I need to look up TSA’s rules on this…

Also… packing for REAL winter weather!  Fleece Outfits-CHECK! Snuggle Car Seat Blanket-CHECK! Bottles-CHECK! And the list goes on… I shall post the entire list… because I plan on packing this week in the spare bedroom so we can outline what we need in case we have another weekend like this last one.  I am betting Dirk will have more luggage than me : )   <3

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