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Dirk 1/28-1/31

Vrrooommm Vvrrrooommm

I call this the hippo look- I adore the hoody.

Good morning sleepy head.

We turn ourselves around in the crib… thankfully we no longer get our hands stuck outside of the rails thanks to the breathable bumpers-took an hour to install-had to watch the youtube video Friday night while Dirk played on the ground because the instructions in the packet were not user friendly- but youtube saved the day(should have looked it up quicker).

Morning Mom!
Dirk thinks the red camera is a nuisance.

Found his thumb!  Usually it is just his pointer finger and thumb but now he is getting a knack for it!  Hello self-soothing <3

Bumbo… almost too big for it… and we only last 1 minute max.

Our new pack and play…. $15 bucks brand new at a garage sale… don’t mind if I do : )
My little hippo.

It’s a Beautiful Morning

Dirk learned how to grip and hold onto toys this morning!  He held is fuzzy friend for a couple of minutes with both hands!  Proud mom over here(raises hand enthusiastically)!

We have been using Pampers 12 hour dry diapers at night to keep Dirk’s little bum, well, dry before we switch into cloth for the day.  And he wakes up happy as a clam! Love the happy dancing and chit chat in the morning.

Sunshine-y Days

We recieved the sun tent from my mom last year and I finally broke it out so that Dirk and I can enjoy some time outside.  It is MUCH bigger than it appeared in its small little sack and took me MUCH longer than I thought to put it up because there were no directions.  But now that I figured it out- it is going to be a breeze.  Dirk and I have relished our outdoor time each day this week.  Perfect weather right now- mid 70s and breezy- love it.

Pure Bliss.

Playing at the Park

Every weekend Gabe and I take Dirk to one of our local parks.  Each week he becomes more alert and now LOVES watching other kids play on the big toys and ride bikes.  Plus Gabe and I enjoy the weather and some exercise. WIN-WIN.

Wait… where did Dirk go?
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