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Pumpkin Farm on a B-E-A-UTIFUL DAY


Singing- He sings when he is happy- This is what it looks like = PRICELESS

Bath time when we get home? Yep. Did the stroller need to be deep-cleaned? Yep.

Hay Ride

Hay Ride Past the Deer

LOVES the Carousal- so glad that we could go on as many times as we wanted- so much fun!
This year we received a half-off coupon in the mail for the local pumpkin farm from our utility company. Random? Yes. Sweet deal? You betcha!  So instead of being $32 it would only be $16.  And that included every activity on the farm.  GREAT DEAL.  Plus no parking fees. 
We loaded up the car and went after Dirk’s first nap- the one that truly matters- and made it there a little after 1PM.  Their computer had just crashed so we had to wait until a tech could come and fix-it before we could pay to get in.  Well, lucky us, the person at the counter thought after waiting 20 minutes that we should just head in…. sweet gesture.
Activities- we did nearly every single one on the giant farm. 
We played with the goats.  Pet the Bull and watched as a Lady pissed it off(we cleared the area)- some people just aren’t very nice to animals(hoping she was just ignorant) but we didn’t want to be around to be gored.  Dirk had never seen a pig before and was mystified to say the least.
We set off on an off-road style type of adult-powered Flintstones mobile(best description I can come up with) and we bounced along the trail, as Gabe swerved around trees.  To his credit we didn’t hit any of them.  Close run-ins.  But did not hit them. : )
We went on the Carousal- something that usually costs extra everywhere you go- multiple times.  Each time the ride started Dirk would look at us nervously and then hang on for dear life. 
Hayrides? Yes! Out around the farm, past the corn maze.  Dusty and full of giggles.
Train ride?  You bet!  Dirk adored the train! He waved at onlookers and smiled the whole time!
The pumpkin patch- where Dirk put on a show for everyone.  Singing- walking- crawling- bapping- singing-singing singing.  <3
The hay pit was empty and incredibly deep and softer than what I would have thought.  Hay was eaten-yuck- thrown- and used for soft landings.
Needless-to-say, we have found our farm for the foreseeable future.  They have events every season and we look forward to going there when Santa comes into town. : )
Love making memories with my little family!