Daily Archives: October 25, 2012

1st Birthday Party Prep

It is almost here.

Cue meltdown and dramatic music.


Craigslist Hunting = MISSION COMPLETE(yep that is Gabe grabbing D before he man handles the big toy)

Side Project- For the Kid desk I am painting-will do a tutorial later on…. stay tuned.
We saved…saved…saved… for this bad boy- Dirk’s present from us.  We got it on sale, with free shipping and no tax from Amazon.  Took about 45 minutes to put together- hope he loves it as much as we do : ).

Now just need to get my act together and make a list of what to do to finish up… it will be the GRAND-DADDY OF ALL LISTS….
But no matter what- on his birthday-we will have fun & enjoy every single second we get to spend with our little man. <3