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Dirk’s 1st Birthday- The Set-Up- Tiny Sailor Theme

The two banners were made from craft paper and gray yarn.  Just used some hot glue to attach them- relatively easy, except for the whole burning the thumb process.  The gray yarn, is the same yarn, that I used to wrap the over sized letter “D”, for the life-preserver wreath, and the small wood letter “N”.  The yarn was under 99 cents with a 40% off coupon I had from Hobby Lobby.  I didn’t buy one thing, including the invitations, at full-price. They were all either in my possession from teaching, or were bought with one of many 40%/50% off coupons at Michaels and Hobby Lobby over the course of three months(plan ahead of time to reduce overall cost).

This project consisted of going through picture books(easy), cutting a bunch of scrapbook paper(easy), and pinning them both to a  board I had from teaching(easy).  All-in-all, this project was extremely time-consuming, but well worth it for me.  I loved how it turned out and I plan on saving all of the pieces for baby 2…


Ahhhh cursive…. why did we need to learn you? AHA- for writing ineligibly on a chalkboard.  PERFECT! 
Quote: “If you want to know how much we love you… just count the waves.”

Jar of Rocks- Come from a beach with a ton of family memories.


Heart garland from paint sample swatches… YEP. “D” with wrapped yarn.  Re-used bottle from cooking that we painted with food coloring.

There should be a warning sign that says, “MUCH HARDER THAN IT LOOKS.” Seriously.  I almost had a break down…. had to call my mom and ask, “REALLY?!? HOW CAN IT BE THIS HARD?! THEY KEEP TANGLING!!!”



Crab got my lip… perhaps this is lack of sleep? No?
Video Proof