Daily Archives: November 18, 2012

Zoo on a Blustery Fall Day

<<<Insert Evil Laugh Here >>>

He now points at all planes and helicopters in the sky… we tell him that is Uncle Bill flying up there and he gets this big old grin on his face. <3

All bundled up on our first “Fall” weather day.  Wind gusts in the 20s and temperatures hovering int he 50Fs. I may or may not have been freezing my fanny off.  Hilarious you say? Well, our ‘cold’ temps out here have been 70s and 80s… and after a summer of 120 degree fun- my body says BRRRRRRRRRRR.  BUT- I get to break out the sweats AND boots AND coats…. LOVE bundling up.

We had a great time letting our little one gallivant around the zoo and play his little heart out.  I am especially grateful that he plays so gently with other little ones.