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Decorating Above the Kitchen Re-Do



001   002


Color scheme switched to purples and blues… The candle sticks are a dark teal, the large plate is a dark purple- this is a start- and I love that it feels more “me”.  More of a style that I love. <3 Small fixes with things that I already own can make the room feel that much ‘homey-er’. <3


Another One Bite’s the Dust

AND another one gone AND another one gone- ANOTHER ONE BITE’S THE DUST!

Another Month- Another Appliance-  The Microwave bit the dust in a blaze of glory-er- fumes of glory.  It was fuming with rage.  After tweeting about other possible brands… because frankly GE Appliances just don’t hold up… GE contacts me… says they are going to do anything to help… and what do you know…… they said get a new one.  That was the such great help(sarcasm- LOADS of sarcasm). So with that brilliant idea- cough cough- I decided to research what we could do.  Last time when our Dryer died I turned to Creepy Craigslist and procured a Used-Dryer that has worked swimmingly for us- it actually drys our clothes twice as fast.  Well, Craig and his Creepies were actually comparable in price with the Holiday deals at the Major Appliance Dealers in town. SCORE ONE FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  As soon as the Hubs got home from work we headed to Lowe’s and were happily surprised to acquisititon a “last year’s model” fro 85% off the price. WHATTT?????  Someone was looking out for us.  Both G and I had that ‘feeling’ that someone, somewhere, had to be looking out for us.

Removing the Old GE Microwave was A LOT harder than we believed it would be because of these weird spikes that they had drilled into the wall that were spring-loaded.  A couple holes gaping later and some pillows to soften the noise if it crashed down(D was sleeping upstairs-never-ever wake a sleeping baby) we had that baby out and in the garage.  The hubs went to putting in the new bracket to hook the microwave into as I put together the small pieces of the range.  TEAMWORK.

THREE JAMMED FINGERS. ONE BRUISED HEAD. TWO CUTS. AND THE MICROWAVE WAS INSTALLED.  Note: Bitter that I ascertained all of the injuries.  Note to self… when tired…. your brain is very very very slow to react.

The microwave is white- all of the other appliances we have in the kitchen are beige… and we plan on replacing all of them- you know- as they die in the next couple of months-as I am assuming if history repeats itself.  The look we are going for is comfy-cottage in the desert.  Cold, metal-stainless steal appliances just don’t ‘fit’ in our house.  Plus- baby fingerprints-no magnets on the front- nah white appliances are exactly what works for our family.


White Appliances- a Large and in-charge Fridge.  Built-ins around the Fridge.  Paint the Cabinets White.  Change the Counter-tops to large wood chunks from Ikea- ADORE that look- paint the kitchen a warm, very light gray over the stark, high-gloss white.  My wish-list is LARGE.  But it is do-able- I mean aside from purchasing the appliances and the butcher-block counter-tops and installing them)- I would do all of the labor and work myself.



009 010

Pillows(soft landing) & the old GE chord that had to be snipped.








How to Get a Little Extra

Secret Shopping


Throughout the past month I have been out “secretly” shopping some of my favorite shops.  Coach, Fossil, Forever 21, Motherhood Maternity….

Through Sassie Shop I earned money-through my Paypal account for literally spending minutes of my time in local stores.  I make my schedule- which inherently means that I sign-up for the stores that I would like to shop after reading the “guidelines”(what you have to do-look for) and where they are- I don’t want to drive too far away for a ten-minute shop that pays $15 dollars.

Note: This is helping pay for some of those lovely surprises we have encountered in the last month- mold- ceiling hole- microwave blowing up.

* I am not being compensated for this post.  Just my honest opinion on how to make a little extra money.

Laundry Room Update

Last update on the Laundry Room happened when G helped me with the Honey-Do List while I was away.  You can check that out here.


There are some small Pinterest Inspired Projects that have markedly made the room that much better- organized & looking.

001 002


004  006 007 008 009 010


LOVE. The Laundry Room in our house is downstairs connected to the main room-essentially the Dining Room.  The fact that it is so visible all day long- I mean we do cloth diapers- means that I wanted something presentable and lovely.  I used all items we had already- just painted, pinned and re-used baskets from around the house.  Now everything is organized and in tip-top shape. <3

DIY WASH sign for Laundry Room

Three trips to Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupons- only one per day- luckily the store is on the way home.  This idea comes from the wonderful that is Pinterest.

Spray two even coats on the letters. Get paint all over hands. Take an hour to scrape off hands- not my finest DIY moment.

Let dry inside over night.

The Spray Paint Can BLEW-UP in my hands. BLEW-UP. Note to self: that paint is EXTREMELY hard to get off your hands.

The letters are attached using craft tape.  They have been successfully up for over two weeks now. <3
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