Daily Archives: December 20, 2012

How to Get a Little Extra

For the past year the following websites have offered an incredible array of products- FOR FREE!  One of the daily activities that I do that takes probably, three-five minutes, is load the websites below and see if any new ‘deals’ are posted.  I input my information and BOOM(well, not really ‘boom’ per say) 8-10 weeks later there is a surprise in the mailbox-sometimes even delivered to the door.  They usually come with coupons which make it that much sweeter and affordable for my family to get the product if it works for us.

My Savings

How it helps-

  • Free Samples
  • Full-size Products
  • Giveaway


How it helps-

  • Free cat food
  • Free airborne
  • Free toothpaste
  • Free medicine
  • Free feminine products


How it helps-

  • Free granola
  • Free feminine products
  • Free mouth wash
  • Free beauty products

*Target offers larger, higher quality samples compared to Walmart.  But Walmart offers more samples, more often.

Contacting a Company Online

I have emailed several companies of products that I use often with questions, concerns, and ideas on how to even make their product better.  From this method I have received coupons, full-size products to try, even new products to review.  Seriously, it never hurts to email.  Ever.

Vocal Point Member

How it helps-

  • Full-size Products
  • Coupons

As a member you have the opportunity to select offers that you would like to try in exchange for a review.  Easy.