Daily Archives: February 28, 2013

Helping Mom

My mom was here last week for almost the entire week and it was PURE bliss.  Since I was 18 years old I have never lived in the same city or in driving distance for that matter, of my sister’s or mom.  Now that we are raising a family of our own my heart aches to have them close.  Fortunately we get to see each other about twice a year- but that’s not enough.

Although- when we are lucky enough to be with them- we cherish the time we have.  Hence the Social Media blackout over the last week.  No twitter-no blogging- no email- no facebook.

And cherish we did.

D immediately took to Nana and they were the best of friends.  Made my heart swell with joy!

Apparently, when I was little I took pleasure in helping ‘water’ the plants. And last week the weather was perfect to see what D thought about that.  A solid hour of fun later we had to pry his little hands off the hose and bring him inside- he would be out there all day long watering if he could. <3