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You Think I’m Having Twins?


Well, well now.  Yesterday was a day.  A day to go down in the books.  Yep, one of those days.

Let me paint the picture for you.

D and I are still working on feeling better- dang virus- and I believe I am on the winning edge of the fight now-seems he may have a few more days though.  So after two hours of meltdowns- tantrums-tears-I won’t burden you with the details but at one point I wanted to go sit in the bathroom and cry.  Be by myself. Just needed a moment without a teething, sick madman that is the current state and condition of my son.  The 15 Month Old walking Terror.  D the Terrible.

I had to make a choice.  Was this day going to be good or bad?  Yes, it was my choice- not my son’s.  He had reasons as to why he felt the way he did.  One’s he namely can’t control.  So there with him wrapped around my legs pulling my shirt down sobbing on me I decided it was going to be a good day.  We hopped in the car- over an hour early- and decided to take a scenic route to the doctor.  I got us an ice-cream cone that we shared.  Which immediately made Mr. Crankypants giggle his little heart out.  We had the windows down and took a leisurely drive to my OB appointment.  He did great.  Change of scenery was necessary.  You see we both have chest congestion which renders us almost incapable of doing any sort of physical activity- so the park has been out of the question.

OB Appointment:

Weight: Up 2 lbs- Face & Chest I tell you- that’s where the weight went. Call me Ms. Puffy Face- I dare you.

Blood Pressure: 120/68- good news so far.

All tests came back great!

After hearing the little one(s) kicking at the monitor and the heartbeat (s)- she exclaimed that by the way I’m carrying that she thinks I am having twins.  No- there were not two definitive heartbeats.  Yes she called me large- the belly actually.

My only response was to look down at the belly and say, ” No there is only one healthy baby in there.” She gave me a laugh and said, “We’ll see at your ultrasound in 3 1/2 weeks.”

Overwhelming sensation of intense overload of information…. that I immediately spit out in the parking lot to my husband.  Then Mom & Sister’s.

So yes, she thinks I am having twins, and so do the nurses, and the medical staff.  Yes, the belly is quite large.  But no, I do not think I am having twins.

Let the guessing games commence!

Am I just large and in charge because this is Baby #2?  Or am I really having twins?

Small Improvements





The Dawn bottle just had to go & voila this olive oil glass works wonders on the eyes & dishes : ).  I had been looking for one of these dishes at Goodwill for the past couple of months and as the Husband was out shopping at cute second hand stores during the Holidays in WA he found this and wrapped it up for me. LOVE it. LOVE.


You may recognize this cake stand from one of my DIY crafts that I completed for the Toddler’s 1st birthday.  Add a towel and hand soap- BOOM- no more water messes as we reach for soap.  Cleaner and pretty darn neat if I do say so myself.

Coming up this week I will be posting about:

  • Munchkin Meals on Thursday
  • Unveil the painting project that I completed downstairs
  • Showoff the new drapes
  • Bump Update
  • Toddler Update: D is 15 Months!

*Super exciting news- my mom is coming down from the NW to visit next week! SO FLIPPING EXCITED!!!*


Weekend Mashup

Goodness Gracious- our house can not get healthy.


The Toddler came down with a bad virus this past week and I was willing myself not to get sick.  I cleaned all of his toys-all of them.  Washed my hands more than I thought necessary.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  Pretty sure you can only get coughed on so many times before your body just gives in and lets the germ party commence as scheduled. YUCK.

Taking care of a sick toddler is one thing.  Taking care of a sick toddler while you are sick-AND- can’t take anything that will really make you feel better because you are pregnant-that is completely in a different ball park altogether.  So much so that I begged the Husband to come home on Thursday and take a half-day so that I could go crawl upstairs and die sleep.

A week of the sickness and the Toddler is just regaining his appetite.  I am trying anything to get some good food down his throat. Anything.

I don’t look like death today.  Although that is totally debatable as I sit in a robe at noon on a Monday. So really, I just look better than yesterday.  And you know what?  I will take it!

The night that D started feeling bad and unable to really toddle around without running into walls-HELLO equilibrium off- I thought that his first time with markers might make for some good memories- all of which were seated-secure in a high chair- so really nothing could go wrong : )


025   026                                                                           027         028


He LOVED it- and the masterpiece is up on our display shelf prominently in the dining room.  Can’t wait to make more treasures with him!


We BBQ’d with one of my best friends on Saturday and made some scrumptious homemade mac & cheese, hickory smoked cheese burgers and salad. Love seeing friends!

Sunday we spent relaxing and enjoying each other’s company because D was still under the weather and just wanted to cuddle.  I don’t know what happens when he is sick- but my little man gives the most kisses, hugs and cuddles when he doesn’t feel good.  Precious and sad all at the same time.  But I will take every cuddle I can because he is growing up quick! Too darn quick!

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