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Seattle Sounders Soccer Game


Seattle Sounders Soccer Game



The Seattle Sounders come down to do winter training camp in sunny Arizona.  So excited that Nana was in town when they were playing in a tournament with other teams! We all got suited up and took the hour drive down to watch our team.  Great weather and great seats!!! A tradition that I started is having players that I admire hold D for a picture with them after the game.  After the game a couple of our favorites were standing down in front of us but then went to go shake the other team’s hands but low and behold our FAVORITE Mauro the team captain returned to the sideline.

Nobody messes with a lady with a baby.  Especially one decked out in all Sounders Gear… so I cut a WHOLE bunch of people with a smile- and then reminded Mauro that last year he held my 3 month old…. and could he please hold my 15 month old again? Sure enough he did.  But D- was NOT having it.  Pure panic took hold and we garnered the entire crowds attention- all of which were Sounder’s Fans- and all of which clapped at the littlest one’s reaction to the Great One.  Priceless.








3 Months Old





15 Months Old



Awww Memories

Note to Nana- Next time I am shoving you in for the picture with Mauro too- you need one! That means that next Feb we shall have a bed for you! Hopefully the new little one can join in on the fun too!