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Seriously, We Finally Bought Chairs

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Yep.  Took over five years. BUT- we now are the proud owners of five chairs.  They make me happy each time I see them!  I can’t believe how much more our house feels like a home now- seriously- FIVE YEARS.




D approves!  We have all had lunch and snacks around the table sitting in our chairs.  D LOVES being a big boy and sitting in his own chair!  He can climb up and sit down, then we just push the chair in a bit. Can’t wait to have all of our meals around the table when we are home together!

Oh Dear, Oh My

The Toddler has made the last couple of days… er … interesting to say the least.  He is cutting multiple molars. Cranky as a … something that is terribly cranky.  AND is not sleeping as much as he should.  Therefore I am not sleeping as much as I should.

So weeks?  You win some and you lose some.  Today started off pretty smooth.

Up at 7AM.(Where did my 8:30AM sleeper go?) We both got dressed.  Casual cotton for him.  Dryfit Nike for me.  Then we bumbled our way downstairs.

Breakfast was delightful.  We had blueberries, a banana, cherrios and non-fat yogurt. YUM. As we listened to the Ipod on shuffle.  Boy does he love him some Lady Gaga- he actually sings when she comes on.  Apparently he doesn’t love country as much as I do- but Gaga? Goodness gracious he shakes his booty.

8AM-9AM-I decided that I could not go a second longer without cleaning the floors, so clean I did.  D stayed in his high chair as I dusted-I give him another duster and he is happy and content “dusting” his high chair and tray.  Helping mom like a big boy.  I then move furniture and break out the big vacuum and go to town.  D LOVES the vacuum cleaner- but would much rather have front row seats than his post way up high in the chair.  So over the loud drone of the vacuum I hear his protests.  Thanks buddy.  If you didn’t attempt to pull out the cord you would be allowed to “help” while the vacuuming was in progress.

After I finish vacuuming downstairs- I free the Toddler- who runs giddily  babbling-laughing toward the monstrosity of our vacuum cleaner.  He then proceeds to “vacuum” for over 30 minutes.  This enables me to wipe down all the surfaces downstairs.  And disinfect all of his toys, and a couple books.

Around 9:15AM I realize we should hit the park.  Because on this day?  This day it is cloudy.  It is never cloudy. So I load of the cup of water, apple sauce, football, tennis ball, pine cone(he loves those things), and sand truck into the stroller.  Put D’s shoes on and a sweater-which by the way I almost packed up most of his sweaters since it has been in the 90s the past week. Thankgoodness I got too tired.  Watch, cell phone, sunglasses, shoes and I am set.  We head out through the garage-at this point I can tell the tide has changed.  D doesn’t look good.  You can just tell he is ‘off”.  Eh- we head out-because both of us need time out of the house each day and this afternoon would probably be too hot for the 20 minute walk to the park.

Away we went.  Chatted with one of our sweet neighbors- and D attempted to share all of his toys with him.  Taking them out of his stroller and then running over and giving them to him.  Such a good sharer!  Since the walk is a good mile and a half away I pick D up to plop him in the stroller and low and behold you would have thought that I was killing him.  So the protest passes.  It is only 5 seconds-but seriously five seconds too long for me.  He clings to his tennis ball and points at various things on our walk.  I tell him what he is pointing at.  We see familiar faces on the way- wave hi-and pass.  D enjoys seeing dogs on the trail and waves “hi” at them.

At about half-way- when you can see the big toy in the distance he started to fuss-which never happens.  So I let him out and we walk together to the park.  He still looked ‘off’ but was happy to be doing exactly what he wanted to do.  So we played-swung-climbed-played in the sandbox-shared toys-and enjoyed time with another 16 month old girl who we now see often-plus I LOVE her mom. WIN-WIN.  But D doesn’t look happy- save for when he was climbing a new section(all by himself for the first time) and was successful- and when he was playing with the little girl.  We lasted probably 30 minutes before it was just time.  Time to go.  So we loaded up-hit the road.  Finished our applesauce.

As soon as we got through the door at home.  BAM. He was whining and crying and throwing things-things that he perfectly knew he wasn’t supposed to throw.  So I tried reading some books with him on the couch-something I now do to calm him down from all the hard playing before nap time- he didn’t even want to read- WHO IS THIS? AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY CHILD?!? The Toddler loves books!!!

I ask him if it is “Nite-Nite” time. He nods and runs for the gate to go upstairs.

As I type he is napping.  I am hoping that this “Phase” of whining(ear piercing whining) is from teething.  Otherwise- OH DEAR-OH MY- it MUST pass quick.  PLEASE OH PLEASE.

I am clinging to a caffeine-free diet coke.  Hoping that the rest of our day is filled with happy times- giggles-snuggles and play.  But if the past couple days are any indication.  I have another 8 hours until the Husband gets home and BOY are my hands going to be full with the little teething monster.

BUT, when I think my headache will never go away from the screaming-the tears-the whining- he does something adorable.  Like climb up on the couch next to me, hugs me, cuddles in close and shares some of his blueberries.  So teething you may make my toddler turn into the Incredible Hulk- but its nice to know that those times will pass.

My Brain Lately

  • Our community center offers a range of classes and low-cost events for toddlers.  This is my dream come true.  We are enrolling in a BUNCH.  Playing with other little one’s and getting out of our house-park-backyard routine that we usually do will be a blessing as the weather turns awful. Anyone want to donate a full-family pass for the year? 1200 bucks.  Please & Thank you!  Until then we will just be popping in for small classes and Wednesday Toddler Days.
  • Hello 90s.  I am not happy that you are here.  Seriously.  I was not expecting you until April.  Rude of you to show up early.  Please be gone and let us enjoy a little more “spring” weather.
  • The “Nesting” bug has hit me bad.  I have running lists of things that I want to do.  Especially before I get too big.  I will update with a list later on.
  • I LOVE my new hot neon orange running shoes.  I have not and will not be wearing flip-flops this summer and heels? Please.  I haven’t donned you in 13 Months.  I just stare at you in my closet and think of all the good times we had.  But seriously, my feet swell at night and wearing snazzy sneakers is just plain smart at this point.
  • We may have a name for our Baby Girl.  But even if we do, we will not be divulging that name willy-nilly.  People are too judgmental.  Sad, but true.
  • We have chairs in our dining room.  Real chairs.  That look nice.  We have never owned chairs.  Just two benches I bought over two years ago.  Our house looks like a home.  I LOVE IT.  Miraculous that such a simple piece of furniture could make everything just ‘fit’.
  • I have a GC that I won from a contest.  I think I may be treating myself to something pretty.  Will let you know when I figure that out.  There are soooooo many things that I would buy if we had ‘extra’ money : ) .  What to pick… what to pick… Note- I am thinking of baby clothes, nursery ideas, and crafting supplies.
  • I have had my eye on a Sweating For Two tank since I was first pregnant with D over two years ago.  Now that we are on Baby #2 and I will be pregnant throughout summer- in 115 degree heat- I think I want to make the splurge. A purple Sweating for Two Tank-Top has been on my wish-list for years…

Finding Out







After hearing from our Doctor, Nurse Practitioner  and Medical Staff that they thought we were having twins- you could say I had a tiny bit of a meltdown.  Not because that wouldn’t be a blessing.  But because I didn’t even think about that scenario.  How small our house would feel… Needing two of things- I was sure we didn’t need to buy this time around… the stroller situation…. our (crappy) health insurance…

Yep.  But I decided to block out all the “what ifs” being thrown my way and just wait until we have confirmation.  After all, all I truly wanted was to be told that everything is fine, baby/ies are healthy, you are good to go.  So after four weeks of waiting after the “twin bomb drop 2013” we finally had our appointment.

The Husband took the afternoon off so that he could be there and corral our Toddler.  D wore his Big Brother t-shirt and I made the husband wear what he thought we were having.  I decided to remain neutral.  (After the appointment he told me he thought we were having a girl but didn’t want to jinx it).

With D we found out he was a boy when I was only 15 weeks.  This time around I was 17 weeks so I thought for sure we would know the gender.  And sure enough the first thing our Tech said was only ONE baby.  The Sigh heard round the world, folks.  Only one. Thankful Mama.  Now the true test.  Was the little one going to be camera shy?  Yep.  But after 30 minutes our Tech told us that from all three different angles, we were 100% having a girl.  I was in SHOCK.  I thought for sure we were having a boy!  Talk about not having that maternal instinct!  I sat right up and hugged the Tech and just cried.  SO MANY HAPPY TEARS.  The Doctor came in after to double-check everything.  She is one little healthy baby girl.  She is small- which just means I got cleared(and ordered) to eat more food.  Ok by me!

We headed right out to pick-up some of the cutest darn clothes.  Girl’s clothes are just so much more fun than boys clothes… seriously… we had tons of fun on the previously “forbidden” side of the store.  <3


baby girl 001  baby girl 003

Zoo Membership

Zoo Members- Yep- over 55 times in the last year!  D LOVES the zoo- he is gentle with the animals at the “farm” and loves exploring the grounds.  Lucky for us we live by a LARGE zoo that after all of those visits didn’t get boring.  A must for our next location in life- a great zoo.  Mandatory actually.









Good memories.

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