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Fun & Festival Filled- Easter Weekend!


Super skeptical…

Thanks to HulaFrog I found out about two free local festivals for us on Saturday. TONS OF FUN!

Festival One was located at a local Aqua Tots- swimming school near our house.  They had a DJ- outdoor twos-story water slide, free food-popcorn, slushies, hotdogs, chips, soda, water-the WORKS- a large bounce house, Firemen and their truck, Swat Officers and their car,dunk tank, egg hunt in the pool, face painting, balloon animals, SUPERMAN, Giant (fake) Panda and more!

003    004

005   006

Dance. Dance. Dance.

D danced to the music right by the dunk tank for a good 30 minutes- he was all sorts of sweaty after!  And never actually got splashed-lucky duck! Not that that would have bothered him.  He LOVES water!

007 008

Superman- to the RESCUE!  Superman was painting faces and making balloon swords so we waited our turn- got a nervous high five from the man in the cape and received a large orange sword from him.  Superman gave D the sword of which D wanted nothing to do with and tried to hand back to him basically impaling the hero.  In true hero form he pretended to be hurt and I told D that the Man of Steel shouldn’t be stabbed… after five minutes with that sword you couldn’t pry it out of his little hands if you wanted to.

012 013 014

The balloon and the DJ.  Another good twenty minutes of booty shaking- hip rocking- arm swaying good time!

After climbing into the bounce house- chugging a bottle of water- and meeting the Firemen and Swat Officers we were off to our next stop.  We picked up sand and a Green Turtle for D’s Easter present.  And headed over to our local outdoor mall where there was a farmer’s market and shop bazaar going on.  D got to play with a bunch of kids at the playground and I got to peruse the shops- FABULOUS.



Nighttime Prep


No candy for D- just a bunch of Puffs, Kix and Cheerios! YUM.

020   024 025

035    036

Carrot Egg- Is it a phone? A walkie talkie? HMMM

037 041

Easter Breakfast- YUM!





049    050


060  061  063

Coloring Hard Boiled Eggs- thought he would like to try a hard-boiled egg- nope- he gave it to me.

064     065


All in all- our Easter was full of family fun!  Quality time, cuddles and kisses!  LOVED every minute of it!  Can’t believe next year we will have two little munchkins!


How was your weekend?  Did your festivities include an egg hunt?