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Summer Wish List

For all of the little jobs I do at night- blogging-political forecasting-even secret shopping- I am working toward purchasing the following “wish list”.  Thankful that the little side-jobs are able to afford us to get things we need and sometimes even things we want.

Summer Wish List

  • Soft, thin cotton robe- I currently I have plush fleece one that I sweat bullets in at night with- it is in the 80s/90s here with lows in the 60s at night- soon to be 110s/115s.
  • Double Stroller- we are looking at buying a 2011 (new) City Mini Double Stroller- we have the single version and it is a delight!  Plus the stroller fits in the back of the Prius and my Altima.  Getting the 2011 version saves us hundreds of dollars.
  • Plain White Crib- D is really not ready to switch to a big-boy bed yet.  At all. So we are working on finding an affordable crib that we can put our sweet baby girl in- we already got another mattress from a friend.
  • Aden-Anais four pack of blankets- we have four that have been worn to shreds-not kidding- there are major holes in them.
  • Bum Genius All-in-Ones Organic Elemental diapers- any addition to our 12 diaper stash will help with two kids in diapers… working on finding good deals online to supplement-as we are starting the Potty training process with D.
  • The Husband needs some new work shoes- like, yesterday.
  • D needs new shoes- again- ohmygosh are his feet growing fast- size 9 Toddler??? WHAT?
  • Compression tights- yep the swelling has begun-and I know how bad it is going to get.  I need some STAT.

Hopefully in the next month I will be on my way, slowly checking off the list above.  <3


Is there anything else I need for Baby #2 that I am blindly missing? HELP!  My mom brain is fried.  Need help stat!

Thank you!


– HM