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They Come in Threes

The last two weeks have been full of-



Moments where the Husband and I stress out, cry and wonder what else could possibly go wrong.

YES. We understand that there is so much to be thankful for- we are truly blessed.  But that doesn’t mean that sometimes life doesn’t give you a swift kick in the “you know where”- to remind you that, “Hey, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.”  Well, we live in the desert- so technically it is sunny ALL.THE.TIME. but that isn’t the point.

Our financial equilibrium is delicate.  Very much so.  We don’t buy fancy things, or to many of our friends- things that normal people buy and have.  We don’t own smart phones.  We don’t have cable.  We don’t go shopping for clothes-unless something actually breaks and is a necessity(I don’t know why I say that- I haven’t bought a bra in over two years-and one just literally fell apart last week- the only one that really fit-so  sports bras are where it’s at right now= to clarify we buy things for the Toddler over essentials for us).  Our budget is delicate- we spend about $150 a month on food- that’s it(probably why we don’t host people as much as we would like).

With the temps in the triple digits for the next four months I knew that our AC bill was going to skyrocket-and I planned accordingly.  We made sure that we weren’t going to go into crisis mode-like last summer- and that our budget would be able to take the $150 leap each month.

Then life smacked me right on the mouth.  How dare I plan a budget?????? … apparently it took personal offense to the fact that we would be okay this summer and decided to throw THREE large curve-balls at us.  In a matter on two days.  TWO.

This post is written a week late- because it has taken some time to get used to the fact of our “new normal” situation.  One that we will get through- but it will be a struggle- each and every step.


My heart prognosis.

Well, at least I know that I am not crazy anymore.  My heart does have problems.  My blood pools in-between ventricals which bring on painful- gutwrenchingly so- palpitations and chest pain.  I can take medicine to calm it down now- but not the hardcore medicine because that would be dangerous for our little girl.  My Doctor wants to perform surgery as soon as I recover from delivering our Baby Girl- the radiation they use during surgery could prove dangerous to the little one.  They would go in through my groin- all the way up to my heart and “hunt and peck” to find the abnormal part of my heart and ZAP it- literally- into submission.  As great as it sounds to have my heart fixed- possibly.  There are too many risk factors to make the surgery an “acceptable” option in my eyes.  Sure, everyone around me has their own point of view.  But you know what?  I want to make my decision, the best decision I can after careful consideration- especially since I have only had three heart episodes(ER hospital stays) in the last nine years.  Plus, now there is this medicine I can be on and an aspirin regimen I can follow that would (help) prevent the pooling blood into turning into a clot where a pulmonary embolism or collapsed lung are all too possible realities for me now.

Knowledge is power.

Of course I will get a second opinion   I am grateful that I will be lucky enough to have a prescription of nitro available- what has proved useful at each of my ER visits- after our baby girl is born.  I am grateful that I know exactly what makes my heart so darn unique.  I am grateful to know that I am not crazy.  I am grateful to know that there are options.  And I plan on exploring those options over the next couple of months.


Termites. YUCK.

Living in Arizona- the 6th luckiest state to be effected by the little buggers- termites are just another thing you have to worry about.

Well, as I went into our closet one day last week to grab a new batch of baby wipes I knocked one of the columns(unbeknownst to me) with my head.  MY HEAD.  An active tube-filled with termites-now was covering my hair and clothes.  The neighbors had to think I was being murdered with the noise that engulfed our house for the next couple of minutes. HAD TO.

D thought it was HILARIOUS.  Mom is nuts! Best.Day.Ever.

Enter $600 bill to get rid of the buggers. $600 that was to go toward our AC bills over the next couple of months- GONE- just like that.  Now we have roughly $30 in our bank account for the next week.  One whole week.


AC went out.


You see, many of the people I follow on Twitter complain when their house is in the mid 70s- or their AC goes out and their house is 80 degrees- I just laugh my (sweating) behind off at this.

Until our AC went out.
On a 105 degree day.
Our house hit 95 faster than I thought possible.

Our AC is set for 80 degrees from March through Mid-November, because- well, we live in the desert and 80s is livable.

Well, our AC Unit is 12 years old- the crappiest model on the market and hanging on with a thread- as we navigate our way into the 110s-120s temperatures.  If money grew on our palm tree- I would buy the best model on the market.  I am sure that our electric bill would decrease immediately… and that perhaps we could put the air at 78 degrees-boy do those two degrees feel like a world of a difference- and my pregnant body wouldn’t be swollen by 11AM each day.  Lovely. Folks.  It is lovely.  Poor husband has to see a swollen, barrel each night he gets home.  I pity the fool.

As I sit and type this- the AC is making weird noises.  My behind is sweaty.  My ankles are swollen. And I just hope and pray that it will last until we can find some “fix”- we are looking at refinancing our mortgage- and other various loans against the house… now we just have to cross our fingers that our house appraises at the point we need it to- and then this summer will be bearable.  We will be okay.  The appraiser came yesterday morning… he wasn’t here quite as long as I would have liked… and now we are just waiting.

You see- these posts? These posts are to keep me sane.  To let me vent- to let those that know us in the real world why we might not be able to make a trip to see them, or buy their kid the toy that we want to for their birthday… but that we are okay.  I swear if we had just a little more of a cushion we would be the friends I know that we are… just really can’t show how much we care about other people sometimes.

Seriously, we have the best family, friends and coworkers in the world- just wish we could show our appreciation to you all more often- you deserve it more than you know.

They come in threes.  Swiftly.  Without cause or concern. 

Summer BBQ Season

So technically it isn’t summer yet… but it sure does feel like it out here in the desert!  My best girl friends are some seriously busy people- and locking down a date for all(most) of us to be at one location can take weeks(months) sometimes.

BUT it sure is worth it!

Ten years of beautiful friendship with some of the best people I know.  Count me lucky, why don’t you!

The Hubs and I don’t host get-togethers very often- hoping to change that in the future- but we sure enjoy the company! We had three of our friends and their husband’s and kids over- FYI we need more chairs- it was a blast!



  • Bake red velvet cupcakes & chocolate fudge cake
  • Costco Trip
  • Cut cheese into slices
  • Slice lettuce
  • Serve up watermelon
  • Cut tomatos
  • Marinate meat
  • Cut up veggies
  • Make ranch dip


  • Vacuum
  • Mop tile
  • Sparkling clean bathroom
  • Put out more furniture in backyard
  • Sparkling clean kitchen & sink
  • Remove smudges from all Toddler level window surfaces
  • Tidy Up

*Note: Sparkling is my term of reference for clean- which might differ to people