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Northwest Summer

We made it!

The Toddler and I are spending two glorious weeks soaking up family time in the Pacific Northwest!  Excuse my absence- but we are busy playing outside, going for long walks-while playing with Nana, Aunt Rachel and Abby(beloved puppy).

Going to the beach-the zoo-the park!!! 


Plus this preggo is not sweating- aside from the walks around the neighborhood that are uber hilly-UBER hilly.

Baby #2 is getting bigger each day and I am just so happy that the Toddler gets to spend some one-on-one time with our loved ones before she makes her appearance in the next couple of weeks. Which after a couple of bad contraction sessions-picture me screaming bloody murder for minutes on end-yep, those kind of contractions, those have subsided to more subdue ones. Plus- I have my sister here taking my blood pressure daily to make sure that I don’t go into full-fledged hypertension like I did shortly before I was induced with the Toddler two weeks early.

Now pardon me, I am off to enjoy the family I get to see only twice a year. : )

Kitchen Cabinet DIY: STAGE THREE


For the past week, we have worked tirelessly through the night after the Toddler goes down. At this point I have put in over 30 hours of gluing, priming and painting while the Toddler has napped and slept.  My arthritis tells me this will be the last time I attempt to refurbish our cabinets- yet I know that if/when we move- AND- I want new(looking) cabinets in our future home that I will always refurbish over shelling out the big bucks for new ones.

I glued the bead-board on to the side of our kitchen bar, caulked the bottom sides, and the husband put in a couple of finishing nails to make sure it didn’t warp in the heat-or with age.  I then continued to glue the bead-board on to the front of all of the bottom cabinets and attempted to caulk the edges.  

Note: “Attempt” is used loosely around here- I decided I liked the look of the cabinets without the caulking but for the moment have left the caulk on three bottom cabinets while three are prepped without- I frankly may be the only one that will notice this- yet it may just drive me bat crap crazy- only time will tell… that is a warning for you hubby.

Here is a look at our progress- the Toddler and I are leaving for the Pacific Northwest and the project will be continued when we return.

Note: All of the priming, gluing and painting had to be completed indoors because the temperatures outside were too hot for the materials I used = over 100 degrees until midnight.

Cutest Little Helper

Drastic: BEFORE

Gluing on Bead-Board


Priming: Two coats front and back- with 1 hour until re-coat- 24 hours until flipping to complete the front

Glued on with finishing nails.

The Husband’s Idea on how not to have to move all of the dishes while sanding… worked pretty nicely-those are old-school cloth diapers that we use as rags because they didn’t work for the Toddler.

Bead-Board primed.

Kitchen Primed.

Bead-Board painted.



Now I just need to paint all of the cabinets and drawers.  They will need two coats and need 16 hours in-between re-coating-so that will be a timely project when the Toddler and I return from our trip up north.  BUT- we love how much brighter our kitchen is.  We have a small kitchen that is open to the rest of the living area downstairs and the white cabinet trim just makes everything feel updated. LOVE.

Kitchen Makeover DIY: Stage TWO


BEFORE: Click Here


Consisted of taping off the kitchen to throw on a fresh coat of paint.  The kitchen dearly needed to be tended to.  The high gloss white was off putting with all of the natural sunshine we get out here in the desert and I wanted a more muted sheen with just a touch(a very small touch of color).  So we ran out to Lowe’s with the gray paint from our family room- Moonshine from Ben Moore- and got a third of the color tone added to a satin base.  You can barely tell- and the paint that I used only needed one coat so instead of a six hour project- with drying time and second coat-it was a two hour project.

While I painted til my little heart’s desire- the Husband got to work removing all of the cabinets and gently placing them in the garage.  He got what I like to call an “Added Father’s Day” present from Lowe’s in the form of a Black & Decker automatic hand-sander.  Talk about lucky duck! : ) Just kidding babe.  So that he could sand the large areas of our “fake” wood cabinets down… I have no idea how many hours we saved with that puppy- probably a ton.  Especially since all of the sanding was done in the garage after the Toddler went to bed at night.  Temperatures were still hovering in the 100s until after midnight around here-so that was one sweaty project!

Side-note: When completing a project with a Toddler it is best to remove all objects from open cabinets- I think to parents that is a given- but just another reason for me to go through all of our things and get a big box of items to take over to the Goodwill.  He is always allowed to play with the pots and pans-he is very gentle with them-and he knows that he can not touch the recycling or the trash.


Stare closely- you can tell the difference from the left of the column with the one third tint versus the column which I left high gloss white-which to the right of the column is the original color-Ben Moore Moonshine.

The day before we started… I sat down on the tile and cleaned the grout with a tooth brush and vinegar.  Yep- pregnant lady sat on hard tile for over four hours making our tile once again a beautiful cream tone!

MommyJuice Wine: D-E-LICIOUS

MommyJuice Wines

I know what you must be thinking… “WINE?!? Isn’t she pregnant?!” Why yes, concerned readers I am. But only for about 6 more weeks… and then? It is on like Donkey Kong people.  With my first pregnancy I wanted nothing to do with alcohol- the smell wafting across the room as the Husband tried to enjoy a much deserved cold beer was enough to banish him outside. 

But with this pregnancy? I am counting down the days. Literally. Being pregnant while chasing the Toddler in 110-115 degree heat should be classified as an Olympic Event. Truly.  The Toddler is also trying to assert his independence-All. The. Time.  Some days I win, some days I lose.  And some days a tall glass to call my own is beckoning- nay- screaming my name from the kitchen.  And dear friends, I know exactly what I will be clinking my glass with…. MOMMYJUICE Wines!

A wine made by a Mom- for Moms. GENIUS.   

MommyJuice Wines were kind enough to send me two bottles of wine for me to host some of my favorite Mommy’s for a Girl’s Night In!  Simply lovely I tell you!  The girl’s loved my MommyJuice Wine cup- that I filled up with lemonade(6 more weeks-6 more weeks- 6 more weeks) while they tried both the White Wine and Pool Party Pink.  I took a couple of big whiffs of each and goodness gracious does the Pool Party Pink Wine smell delicious!  I love a good Rose and this smelled divine!

Girl’s Night In- complete with snacks, watching some “interesting” reality TV(the show with the roses- yeah I don’t know if this season is for me), with the AC cranked on up- and a tall glass of MommyJuice Wine. 

MommyJuice White Wine

  • Being a mom is a constant juggling act. MommyJuice is a an adorable gift for any hostess, friend or family member who is a mother. It’s owned and made by a mom.
  • MommyJuice is coming to Arizona stores soon. Ask your local store to contact the distributor who carries MommyJuice to get it into your local shop.
  • MommyJuice Wines are from the California Central Coast and come in Red Wine (77% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot, 3% Malbec, 2% Cabernet Franc, 2% Petit Verdot), White Wine (100% Chardonnay from Monterey County in California).

MommyJuice Pool Party Pink


  • A classic, dry, Southern Rhône-style Rosé. Bright raspberry, cherry and fresh strawberry aromas, with a hint of bottlebrush and violet. Marichino cherry, strawberry and pink grapefruit flavors are followed by a refreshingly dry finish. Ideal for a summer BBQ party. Blend: 65% Grenache, 16% Mourvèdre, 7% Zinfandel, 7% Pinot Noir, 5% Syrah

Connect with MommyJuice  
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Where can you buy delicious MommyJuice Wine?

  • MommyJuice Red and White wine are available nationally and in California CVS stores, as well as Northern California Target stores
  • Coming soon to ARIZONA CVS stores: HAPPY DANCE!!!
  • Pool Party Pink is only available for purchase online HERE
  • MommyJuice Wines are available online at 

As for now, I am just waiting albeit, not patiently  for our baby girl to arrive.  I can’t wait to hold her close, and watch as the Toddler is officially inaugurated into the Big Brother Club.  I know that soon, very soon when one of those “days” happens when the Toddler is pulling a “Finding Nemo”(when he does something he isn’t supposed to while maintaining eye contact with me- essentially touching the “butt”-er boat) I will be able to rejoice in a nice, alcoholic beverage. Yep.  Those are the days.  

While the days are long, the years are short.  So I will be toasting to Mom Moments  Toddler Firsts, and Newborn Snuggles come August.  And friends?  I am ordering three bottles of the MommyJuice Pool Party Pink Rose to accomplish just that.


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    Kitchen Cabinet DIY: BEFORE

    Kitchen Cabinet Dreaming

    DIY All-Stars we are not. DIY Dreamers we ARE!

    Two months until baby girl makes her debut and the nesting-er- renovations have taken a fever pitch.  Poor husband.  What a trooper!  I have loathed our kitchen cabinets since the day I laid eyes on them. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that I had a kitchen to call my own was a dream come true in itself- but there are always ways to make a space feel more “us”- more home.

    And so- for the past two years I have dreamed about what I would-could-should do with our basic, fake wood kitchen.  Color? Tint?  Would it look professional?

    Because we all know that the only time we call professionals at this house is when true emergencies hit- gas leak- black mold- water leaking through the ceiling…. perhaps you have read our adventures in house ownership.  This house has put us to work!

    So after Pinteresting my little heart out I have finally set my eyes upon a “look” for our Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets of my dreams!  Over the next couple of days/weeks I will be sharing updates on our progress as we work toward completing one of the biggest-baddest projects we have yet to encounter.  I keep crossing my fingers and hoping that all my research and reading has paid off and that we won’t be singing the blues.


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