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Back to the Grind

Yesterday we trekked back from our mini-CA vacation.  We made much better time on the way back to Arizona because we hit right in-between the bewitching traffic hours.  Our house is getting slowly put back together- slow and steady wins the race.  Not like this preggo could realistically move any faster than a snail at this point in the third trimester.  Picture me mimicking Dori on Finding Nemo making whale “calls”(I am that large I tell you)- that’s what I sing in my head as I go about my day- “What do we do? We swim, swim, swim.”

Our stay was lovely in the great Sunshine State.  The weather was perfect and the company even better!

Thank you Uncle Dan & Aunt Annie!!!

 I kept remarking to the husband when we would go out how nice everyone was- I forget that I live in a “grumpy” state.  I mean, waving at the Toddler, saying “hi”, opening doors and being genuinely friendly.  My mom heart ached a bit when I knew we were headed back to the desert.  I yearn for the day that we move out of Arizona- first and foremost to be closer to family-water-mild weather-and for the people!  Seriously, if somehow we run into a large sum of money we are selling our little house and getting the heck outta Dodge.  

But for now, I count my blessings that we have an amazing group of friends out here.  Ones that are ALWAYS there for us and that love my little Toddler to death.  So for now I will cherish our small vacations , and realize just how darn lucky we are to live within driving distance of some amazing-AMAZING-gals that I can call best friends for the past ten years.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY- the final reveal of the Toddler’s Big Boy Room!  

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Monday: Nursery Sneak Peek
Tuesday: Cloth Diaper/Potty Training Update

Hope this Tuesday finds you well!