Daily Archives: July 16, 2013

36 Weeks Bumpdate

  • How far along are you? 36 Weeks Along- NINE MONTHS BABY
  • How I’m feeling: You should hear me speak whale. I am an expert. I am large, hot all the time, swollen, and can’t breath if I walk up or down the stairs. To say that I was counting down the seconds to our baby girl’s arrival would be the understatement of the century. Although, she does need to cook for another week. So stay put little one.  I can take the heat.
  • Total weight gain: Bahahahaha. I ignore the scale now. I am still in a healthy range but dang do those numbers scare the crap out of me.
  • How big is baby?  The Little One is the size of a pumpkin.  A PUMPKIN. Hence why I now speak whale fluently.
  • Maternity clothes:  The black pants I bought when I was pregnant with the Toddler are way too darn tight on the belly. Yes, they are not maternity- but gosh darn it- they are my go-to pants for when my ankles swell like melons-because nobody needs to see that at Target- nobody.  Sports bras, snug black yoga pants are about it- unless I have to look “respectable” and then I try my darndest to fit into one of the two maternity dresses I bought. But at 120 degrees outside- there really is no comfortable clothes in the universe that would make me feel better.
  • Stretch marks? SAME-Heredity messed up on this one.  Even in college if any muscle got bigger I would get stretchmarks. No questions asked.  BAM there they would be.  With D- for some reason the Belly God’s thought they would mercifully let the belly be stretch-mark free.  I am not holding my breath for two-for-two.  But one can hope.
  • Sleep: I wake up about six-seven times a night. Clocking in at about 3-4 hours of sleep. Zombie Mom over here.
  • Best moment this week:  One week closer to full-term.
  • Movement: Other than the fact that I am sure I have some internal bleeding. SAME-Yes- especially at night- and whenever I hold the Toddler- sibling rivalry at its finest folks.  She kicks and punches at him with all her might. It would be precious if it wasn’t so painful.
  • Food cravings: After 9PM it is a strawberry milkshake, fries and a large ice cold diet coke.
  • Food aversions: Anything too hot temperature wise.
  • Labor signs:  Extreme BH contractions after strenuous exercise.  So I am supposedly “toning it down” on Doctor’s Orders. Now if you could explain that to my hyper-active Toddler that would be lovely.
  • Belly button in or out:  SAME In- but looking like it might pop out- it just disappeared with D- so that would be interesting.
  • What I miss:  SAME-Not having a round face- le sigh- ah well comes with the territory for me. Not being a whale. Not being too hot.
  • What I’m looking forward to:  FULL TERM NEXT WEEK.