Daily Archives: July 17, 2013

NW Vacation: Beach Day

Let me tell you how much this makes my heart melt… the Toddler LOVES the beach but not more than he LOVES his Nana and Aunt Rachel! We had a blast the second time at the beach.  The heat wave was starting to hit Seattle and it was a perfect day to get some quality time on the rocky shore.  

Nana taught D how to throw rocks in the water- little man loved watching them splash!  

OH- and this time we were all prepared for walking in the water.  Last trip up to see our Great-Nani, the Toddler decided to run straight into the water- on a 65 degree day- in 50 degree water. Poor Nana had to run in after him… thanks Mom! : )

The Toddler was all about holding onto hands and exploring the beach.  We even got to play with more squishy’s today after the tide started to roll out.

Nana also introduced him to the little crabs that scurry around at low tide.  Boy thought they were interesting, that they tickled his hands, and that they just might be scrumptious.  Lucky for the crabs that they are faster than my little man. Very lucky indeed.  

I am just so proud that he is willing to explore the beach, like my sister’s and I did when we were little- completely oblivious to cold water, loving crab hunting, throwing rocks, and even squishing all the little squishes!