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Kitchen Renovation is Officially Complete

After 80+ hours of sweat, tears, and pain… We can officially close off this chapter of our DIY renovation list.  My arthritic hands started to really question if beauty was really worth it.  Well hands, it is.  Our kitchen feels so much more open and airy!  We added bead board to the lower cabinets because they were pretty beaten up- I mean there were even large gashes that went all of the way through the fake wood.  I ended up sealing the bead board two different ways- one with caulk-the other with nothing.  Now I know that I will never attempt to caulk the cracks on fake wood again… just personal preference with how “good” the bead board looks.  
Since this isn’t our forever home-I am going to try not to dwell on that.  If it bothers me too much then we will rip out the caulk- sand the suckers down(just 3 boards) and re-prime and re-paint them.  
Here is a look back at our renovation:
For those of you wondering why it took us so long- we had to move the cabinets after every stage because the temperatures outside were over 100 degrees(even at midnight) which isn’t conducive for priming or painting-and yet we would have to store them back out in the garage so the Toddler would not decide to hinder the drying process with some bashing of Legos or Thomas the Train.
Paint Color Choices:
Dining Room/Behind Fridge: Benjamin Moore Moonshine
Kitchen Walls: Benjamin Moore Moonshine with 1/4 of the tint
Kitchen Cabinets: Benjamin Moore Advanced Paint in Decorators White
How much did this cost us?
  1. Bead board- cut at Lowes
  2. Glue
  3. Primer
  4. Paint- two gallons-1. Moonshine 1/4 Tint 2. Decorators White
  5. 2 Inch Angled Brush
  6. Foam Roller
  7. Electric Sander with 5 New Attachments

COST: A little under $225.

Not too shabby when you think of how much new cabinets are in general-along with install-and repainting our kitchen(proudly pats self on back).  Now that we are done and everything is right in the world again- I can definitely say that I will be refinishing cabinets in the future over buying new ones. Yep.  Sorry Hubby.  Sure it took FOR-EV-ER(Sandlot style with flashlight-Google it) BUT- it looks fan-freaking-amazing to us.  
We are lucky enough to have enough Home Equity in our little house to refinance our mortgage saving us precious money that we can put toward making our house, our home-such as this project-and wouldn’t you know- another appliance started going berserk during this process.
Yep.  Our fridge leaks brown goo. Lovely, I know.  So with a little savings- we were able to purchase our very own sparkly white fridge   It is 26 Cubic Feet of bliss.  And can I talk to you about the ice maker? No? Well, us folks have lived without one for years and we didn’t know what we were missing!  Excited about fridges… showing my age on here today. : ) Oh and I would go crazy for a white cook-top oven… but since that is the one appliance still kicking we won’t be replacing it for awhile.




New coffee corner!


Our lovely new fridge!


Detail Shot of Bead Board








If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask- or shoot me an email!