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Big Brother Present

One of the things that may or may not help The Toddler’s transition into big brotherhood are presents from our little baby girl.  I am hoping to make sure that he feels just as loved and supported as we start out our life as a family of four together.  The Husband and I are going to make sure he has solo time with each of us and excursions to the Zoo, Splash Pad and other little just D trips.

Most of these items come from the dollar bin at Target-with exception to the puzzle which I am really excited about- hope The Toddler is too!

Munchkin Meals: Toddler Edition

Time for another Munchkin Meals thanks to Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life! On the first Thursday of every month she hosts a Munchkin Meals Link-Up Party- which enables me to look through tons of great meal ideas to change things up with my Toddler.

This past month has been challenging for both of us.  We are back to the heat- which consequently means being stuck inside- all.day.long.  Awful for a Toddler.  Awful for an exhausted pregnant lady.  Cabin Fever like WOAH.

Fortunately there are splash pads to attack in the early morning hours, air-conditioned malls to be walked and tons of fort-making to be had!  I am the only one under 50 walking the mall at 8AM- and I get lapped, sometimes.  I am going to go with the excuse of being full-term. Yep. Going with that.

The past month has consisted of anything that is easy to serve.  Seriously, I do not have any energy- am swollen all over- and it is always over 100 degrees outside(well until 3AM) but I’m not outside at that time.

The Toddler and I have settled into a routine of sorts.  We go to the store at 7AM- load up on fresh vegetables and fruit-get back-unload the car-and guess who helps put things away?  The Toddler.  I throw all of the goodies on the ground and he takes items out- one-by-one and hands them to me to be washed, cut up and placed in the fridge.  He feels like a “big boy” and I get a little extra help in the kitchen.  WIN-WIN.

The Toddler is a really great eater when it comes to veggies, fruit and chicken.  I am slowly working on more complex food combinations but I have to be careful because he is allergic to eggs and arrow root(wheat supplement).

For lack of energy our staples for meals are as follows:

Breakfast: Bowl of Cheerios with non-fat milk, chobani plain non-fat yogurt, and bananas

Lunch & Dinner: Salami, cheese cubes, cucumber, apples, pears, corn, blueberries, spinach, pasta with tomato sauce & parmesan cheese, cheese quesadilla, grilled chicken, steak tacos, pinto beans, black beans, kidney beans, mac & cheese(homemade-due to allergies)

Snacks: Edamame, cup of non-fat milk, cup of half-apple-half-water juice, pickles, Gerber yogurt bites in peach, apple sauce

Working On: Broccoli- the texture throws him I think. 

Weekly:  I make a batch of White Chicken Chili that we all have for dinner one night and then we eat the leftovers for lunch.  I LOVE how healthy that recipe is- and it is extremely easy to make in a crock-pot.  

Pregnant? Crock-pot is your friend.

Weekly White Chicken Chili Pot
Dinner Time: White chicken chili, broccoli(working on it), blueberries

Snack Table: key when your ankles are swollen and getting up to go to the fridge is just not going to happen. Pictured: Cherrios, cucumber and grapes.

Grilled chicken, fresh Fuji apples(our favorite) and edamame. Yes, he will eat all of this.

Slowly introducing spicier variations into the mix.  Spicy chicken, white rice and edamame.

Sitting on the bench side-instead of his regular chair with Dad.  The Toddler has learned how to eat edameme just like Mom. : )

My Favorites.

Now that our Little Girl is going to be here soon- I can not even wrap my head around what our meals are going to look like next month.  Goodness gracious.  Exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time!  Scheduled for an induction on August 9th… but I am doing everything in my power to have this girl before then.  Walking(waddling) five miles a day(hello fellow mall-walkers), eating spicy food…. YEP.  Either way- as long as she is healthy I am A-OK with whatever happens.

Thank you Brittany for continuing this tradition! I LOVE the Munchkin Meals Link-up!  Can’t wait to pour over all of the other posts!