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Like Taking Money From…

So here I sit, 6 weeks postpartum and in serious denial of the number on the scale.  You see I knew what to expect this time around, I’ve been to this rodeo before. BUT this time instead of exclusively pumping(little man wouldn’t latch-and yes we tried everything and talked to everyone) I was exclusively breast feeding… So why aren’t the pounds melting off? Surely, all of those celeb mothers when interviewed couldn’t be lying….. That breast feeding, eating right, with moderate exercise helped melt those pounds off?!?! Well, they lied. 

After losing 20 pounds in the first two weeks things have come to a stalemate. Screeching halt is more like it.  I am active from sun up to wayyy past sun down with family walks, trips to the park, doing Zumba, and strength exercises. It isn’t working for me.  I am not taking time for myself.  As much as I would love to do Zumba four of more times I week-I rarely get time to even eat dinner before 9:30PM. 

As I sit and type this-it is 9:15PM and I still haven’t eaten dinner.  Apparently I need to get my priorities right. AND a major one needs to be caring for myself.

I am pledging to myself to work painstakingly hard for the next 28 days straight.  I will take care of myslef.  I will make sure that I get to take a shower, brush my teeth, and have a cup of coffee before noon each day.  That I will make sure to actually “pamper” myself once or twice a week- like paint my toe nails… and other vain endeavors that have been lacking in my life as a stay at home mom to two-under-two.  

I have joined in an online group that pitches in money- called DietBet- and if you lose a certain percentage in 28 days you get an equal part of the money pot with anyone else that lost the same percentage.

Frankly I only have to lose seven pounds in 28 days to recoup my bet.  I do understand that losing a pound a week is the ‘safe’ amount to lose, but I really need to jump-start my fitness routine-for my own health and frankly my sanity.  I need to take time for me.  What that looks like?  Jogging-to the park instead of walking two times a day.  Completing a strength training or Zumba class after both kids are in bed-usually 9:30-10PM.  Make time to eat during the day-and drink coffee-nobody wins when mom is cranky.  Brush my teeth, wash my face and take care of myself.  This might seem silly to want to make sure all of these get done-but the past six weeks have been a blur of new normals and I have let myself come in last.

Over the next couple of weeks I will document how this plays out- the numbers-the hours put in-and hopefully I make it out a tad healthier in the BMI and weight range!  Wish me luck!  I am going to need it!

Can I Go Grab Another Doctor?

 Well, let’s go back to the start. Shall we?

Two weeks ago I went in for a visit to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

HMMM. Nope, must go back a bit further.

Ms. Emma had her One Month visit and The Toddler had his first allergy visit with our new Pediatrician.  I do not know for the life of me what took me so long to switch docs.  Seriously.  I was not listened to, was treated like a child and worst of all was not given a prescription for an Epi-Pen even though The Toddler has an anaphalysis response to Arrow Root- a wheat substitute.  Wheat?!? Which could be in literally a ton of products… treats found on the playground(glad that phase of picking crap up off the ground is over-yuck).  I was “that” Mom who followed their child around on the playground checking everything they picked up because well, he could die.  Seriously, the hospital said we only had minutes before… well there lays the root to all of my nightmares.

The first time I went to meet with her, our new pediatrician? The Toddler wasn’t even with me and BOOM- Epi-Pen.(The sigh that was heard around the world).  SHE understands. SHE listens. SHE is our new pediatrician.  

So three doctor appointments in one day. Crazy? Yes.  But MUCH better than spread out over three days.  Why? Well, as anyone who has two children under two knows-it takes hours to get out of the house. Hours.

I kid you not.

So after meticulous planning- feeding-prepping.  We made it to the Pediatrician.  The Toddler opened up doors for me, held my hand while we were walking, and calmly sat and read during the visit- WHOSE KID IS THIS? Love that he understands what I need from him now. Love.  Both of them were checked out and we were off to my doctor appointment.  

Half hour to Pediatrician.  Hour at visit. Hour drive to Mayo Clinic. Em HATES the car seat.  

The Toddler’s poor ears.  She is one loud, little lady.

Well, we made it. We traversed the floors of the Mayo Clinic.  Signed in- waited 45 minutes.  

One LONG day.  My poor babies.  Having to be polite and quiet for so many hours in one day is a stretch.  BUT- with the double stroller clad with books, dried fruit, and stickers-Em in the Baby K’tan(she hates just laying in the stroller if we are at a stop so I had to jam her into it once we were in the waiting room to save-all of us- from hearing her sing) we were ready as we ever were going to be.  

Although, it has to be said, I have never-ever-ever received so much help, praise, kind words from strangers. Ever.  It was the biggest blessing.  

I was in for a skin-check.  Skin cancer runs in my family.  My mother and grandmother both have/had it.  Because of this, I have done pre-emptive strikes on suspicious moles.  One removed from my face and four removed from my back.  All were thought to possibly be Basal Cell skin cancer, all came back clear.  

Well, now that I had hit my health insurance deductible I wanted to go to all of the doctor’s appointments I could get in before December.  Thankful that I got into the Mayo Clinic so fast- took four days. AMAZING.

My doctor looked me over from head to toe.  It is of note that after having two children I am no longer shy about being naked in front of Doctors.  This comes in handy when you have a check-up like this.  There were many spots that gave the Doctor pause.  But one spot on my face made him immediately look-up, and ask, “Can I go grab another doctor?”. Why no! Of course you can not! I do not want a second opinion.

I said yes, of course.  Who doesn’t want a second opinion when your doctor freaks out and basically runs from the room to gather help?!? No one I hope.

So after three Doctors look me over again they all agree that the spot on my face looks bad.  They don’t know how bad but they wanted to cut an inch long-deep chunk out of me.  They said that they could just take a sliver, but that I would have to come back if it came back positive. As if my looks were more important than my health.

Lop it off, I told them.

The nurse held my hand, for I was not prepared to get such a large chunk taken out of my face.  I really love nurses that understand. 

At this point Em was screaming-hungry-diaper full-and The Toddler was exhausted, having passed his nap time three hours prior… goodtimes.

Well, I was told that the results can take from 7-10 days to come in- but they usually just take a couple of days.  AND- make sure that you get pointy scissors to remove the stitches.


I removed my own stitches   I waited the seven days- TOO LONG FYI.  I went to cut them out and well-skin had grown over some of the wires.  I got them cut and out-but it took awhile.  I threw-up afterwards and called my little sister to proudly spout that “I had done it!”-she is a nurse.

Seven days- I cut out the stitches-still no call.  And then on day nine?  I get a call that it was a type of lymphoma-a very rare tumor.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, “It is a TUMOR.” 

BUT- they got ALL of it.  So yes, I am thankful my vanity didn’t get in the way of my health.  Frankly, I intend to stick around for a good long while to raise my beautiful babies… Large scar on my face? Well, it just matches the other scar from another cancer scare and yet another one from being attacked by a dog when I was five.  All told, I have had 98 stitches on my face. 98.  

So dear friends.  I have been a bit remiss lately.  A tad negative, perhaps. I blame lack of sleep and the stress of waiting for an answer.  The answer was not exactly what I was hoping for, but it is an answer.  Maybe, this is a bit jumbled-like my mind. But I just need to write sometimes.  I didn’t really talk to anyone about my fears, or the reality that it was cancer and this is cathartic for me.  Although, to be fair.  Even though it was cancer, I do not believe I am a cancer survivor-I just got it cut out-no chemo-no radiation.  I am lucky.

So please, please make sure you see a dermatologist at least once a year.  I know that I will probably not hit my deductible next year…. don’t plan on another child until 2015… but I will be making an appointment to get checked nonetheless.  I need to be around for the next fifty years- they can lop off all the skin they want.

Nuby’s NEW Insulated Clik-it Cup Review

Nuby Insulated Clik-it Cup

Nuby’s new Insulated Clik-it cup offers leak proof technology that you can see AND hear!  The best of both worlds, truly.  I can be driving and hear the click in the back seat that verifies that the cup is secure and not being poured ceremoniously over the newborn(this has yet to happen, but I’m not holding my breath).


We have been through many a cup in our house that has claimed to be leak-proof… glad that this one has held true.  The Toddler tested the cup for over a week before I sat down to write this post.  No leaks = Happy Mom.

Shirt says: Judge me by my size, do you?- Yep. Yoda.  

The Husband and The Toddler went to the park on a 95 degree day and trying to be a good “husband to a blogger”- he tested the water he put in the cup after they had played on the Big Toy for over half an hour.  Prognosis? Cold. Ice Cold.  

Oh, and we live in the desert. The weather has not dipped down past the 70s in over four months. IT IS HOT. So our house stays around 79-80 degrees at all times.  I am ALL about coasters to protect my precious wood tables, and THIS cup? This cup does not need a coaster!  I no longer have to go around and wipe up all of the cup sweat spots.  I am so darn thankful for this.  With a newborn now, sweat spots just really are not a priority.  And now? Now I don’t have to worry about them.  Just another perk of this fabulous Nuby Clik-it Cup! 

Available at:


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*Disclaimer – I was provided a product for review as a Nuby Mommy Blogger. No other compensation was received. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.

Whole Foods Market Camelback Grand Opening

Whole Foods Market Camelback’s Grand Opening was on September 18th!  


The new store is located at 4701 N 20th St.(20th and Camelback in the Biltmore area) and is the seventh Whole Foods store to open in Arizona.  I was lucky enough to tour the new Whole Foods Market Camelback before the grand-opening on September 18th at 9AM.  

The Husband got the opportunity, nay, privilege of quality time with our newborn and toddler while I was enjoying some quality adult time on the tour.  Needlesstosay, the three of them did great.  Everyone survived and had a smile on their faces when I picked them up from the mall.  I was happily surprised to not get a “911” call/text while I was gone.  

Note: This is not in reference to my Husband’s ability as a Dad-just that the newborn is breastfed and has not taken a bottle yet.  And she eats about every two hours-ALL-DAY-LONG.  

So two hours away from them, and no call? Perfect.

On the tour we were able to walk through the large store that encompasses a whopping 35,000 sq. ft!  

Fresh Organic Produce

When we first walked in we were surrounded by fresh produce- the majority of which were seasonal varieties.   Whole Foods Market Camelback makes sure to purchase many locally grown fruits and vegetables like: apples and pears from Briggs & Eggers, Wilcox potted kitchen herbs and Sunizona squash and tomatoes. 

Out of this World Produce!

As a mom on a budget I constantly try to find ways to save and the bulk bins that they have available are life-savers!  I save money right off the bat, because they don’t have to pay for packaging and I put them directly into our glass jars in our pantry.  Win-Win.  And for those Pinterest inspired meals that have “interesting” grains in them?  Well, I only have to get a small amount to test to see if we even enjoy the meal- money saver!

Whole Foods has red labels around the store with their Everyday Low Price- easy to catch your eye!

Everyday Low Price

Most, if not all of our meals contain cheese-one of our favorite ingredients.  Whole Foods Market has a comprehensive selection of raw, grass fed and farmstead cheeses.  


The large cheese wheels- goodness gracious did I want to just grab one of those and lug it on home!

Cheers to that! Don’t mind if I do.

Now that I can finally enjoy a fine alcoholic beverage-fyi I am not pregnant anymore- I found the wine and beer sections most exciting!  Whole Foods has one of the largest selections of local wines in Phoenix and the largest selection of organic and sulfite-free wines.  And the thrifty part of me totally melted for the fact that some bottles started at just $2.99 a bottle, with more than 100 varieties under $10, and many 90 Point rated wines under $25.  The selection is perfect for picky(and thrifty) winos like my husband and I!

Twenty Highland Tavern

Part of the 35,000 sq. ft is dedicated to Twenty Highland Tavern.  The atmosphere is relaxing with both indoor and patio seating available for more than 50 people.  Twenty Highland Tavern has at least 20 local options available with a rotating 36 craft beers on tap, plus six wine taps, mixologist-inspired cocktails and an extensive menu.

Our little family is on a very strict budget.  BUT- we make sure that we serve nutritious meals every day of the week.  The Toddler does not eat fast food and has never had anything fried, yet. Frankly, at 22 months I don’t think that he should be introduced to that anyways.  Healthy Food > Fast Food = every day.   

365 Everyday Value & Everyday Low Price

LOVE all of the local options!

Speaking of budgets ours is small, minuscule to many of our friends.  But we are still able to eat healthy, quality products- organic even(who would have thought?) because of the 365 Everyday Value options at Whole Foods.  The price comparison is spot on when I purchase the products for my little family versus my local grocery store.  Knowing that the food is organic?  Priceless.  

I loved touring the new location at Camelback!  Stop on by to see all of the healthy, affordable options for your family- I picked up an entire fridge full of fresh, organic food for the same price as shopping at my local grocery store.  365 Everyday Value. Worth checking out for any Whole Food’s skeptics!

Thank you Whole Foods Market Camelback for hosting us!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market Camelback.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and 100% my own.

Early Thoughts About Two Under Two

Overall I feel like I have the hang of this two under two thing! Really, I do.  Perhaps I am a tad tired(understatement of the century) but after the first three weeks-which I had my mom here for and then the husband home in the mornings-I feel like we have sort of a schedule.

Although- to be clear-it takes at least an hour to get out of the house.  With making sure we all have an extra outfit-completely necessary-made that mistake before-never again.  That we are all fed- takes at least a half hour-sometimes-most of the time I do not have time to eat-but I am working on this.  That the car is packed with the right stroller- the single if I am wearing Em- the double if we are going for a long walk at the park-mall-or to one of my doctor’s visits.  And then loading them up one by one.  The Toddler first- then Em.  And then we are off.

More times than not, Em is completely pissed about being in the car seat and let’s us know the entire time we are in the car.  She absolutely HATES the car seat.  Poor thing.  The Toddler used to burst out sobbing when she cried, now he just stares at her with these big puppy dog eyes-willing us to help her.  Breaks my heart.


We need to get out of the house.  I aim for once a day during the week.  The temperatures are still in the 100s which is not safe for Em, especially since it only cools down to the 80s at night still.  SO we make do.  Splash pad-which is shaded.  Park in the early morning-which is covered. Mall in the morning.  Target-perfect indoor playground and my favorite place to shop.  Costco-frozen yogurt and a churro.

We make do.

At the mall I wear Em in the Baby K’tan.  D holds my hand and we walk around.  We make sure to visit the animal shelter and wave at all of the animals-blowing air kisses to the ones we love.  We head to the indoor playground and play on the slides and cars.  We go to Barnes and Noble and play on the train table.  Mostly, we just chit chat about everything that we see.  He holds my hand the entire time we are walking around and LOVES playing with all of the little ones on all of our “stops”.

I can not tell you how excited I am for the weather to get cooler.  Seriously, this is the summer that will never stop.  I am ready to jog with the double stroller to our local park-a mile away- every morning.  Ready to play in the backyard for more than 20 minutes at a time.  Ready for it not to be dangerous for my little ones to be outside. READY.  FALL- PLEASE COME QUICKLY. PLEASE.

I feel completely blessed to a be a mom to two adorable, healthy children.  Every day is better than the last.  Sure I may be tired-but this is worth it.  To have siblings close in age-ones that are interacting with each other already? Worth it.  

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