Daily Archives: September 20, 2013

Early Thoughts About Two Under Two

Overall I feel like I have the hang of this two under two thing! Really, I do.  Perhaps I am a tad tired(understatement of the century) but after the first three weeks-which I had my mom here for and then the husband home in the mornings-I feel like we have sort of a schedule.

Although- to be clear-it takes at least an hour to get out of the house.  With making sure we all have an extra outfit-completely necessary-made that mistake before-never again.  That we are all fed- takes at least a half hour-sometimes-most of the time I do not have time to eat-but I am working on this.  That the car is packed with the right stroller- the single if I am wearing Em- the double if we are going for a long walk at the park-mall-or to one of my doctor’s visits.  And then loading them up one by one.  The Toddler first- then Em.  And then we are off.

More times than not, Em is completely pissed about being in the car seat and let’s us know the entire time we are in the car.  She absolutely HATES the car seat.  Poor thing.  The Toddler used to burst out sobbing when she cried, now he just stares at her with these big puppy dog eyes-willing us to help her.  Breaks my heart.


We need to get out of the house.  I aim for once a day during the week.  The temperatures are still in the 100s which is not safe for Em, especially since it only cools down to the 80s at night still.  SO we make do.  Splash pad-which is shaded.  Park in the early morning-which is covered. Mall in the morning.  Target-perfect indoor playground and my favorite place to shop.  Costco-frozen yogurt and a churro.

We make do.

At the mall I wear Em in the Baby K’tan.  D holds my hand and we walk around.  We make sure to visit the animal shelter and wave at all of the animals-blowing air kisses to the ones we love.  We head to the indoor playground and play on the slides and cars.  We go to Barnes and Noble and play on the train table.  Mostly, we just chit chat about everything that we see.  He holds my hand the entire time we are walking around and LOVES playing with all of the little ones on all of our “stops”.

I can not tell you how excited I am for the weather to get cooler.  Seriously, this is the summer that will never stop.  I am ready to jog with the double stroller to our local park-a mile away- every morning.  Ready to play in the backyard for more than 20 minutes at a time.  Ready for it not to be dangerous for my little ones to be outside. READY.  FALL- PLEASE COME QUICKLY. PLEASE.

I feel completely blessed to a be a mom to two adorable, healthy children.  Every day is better than the last.  Sure I may be tired-but this is worth it.  To have siblings close in age-ones that are interacting with each other already? Worth it.