Daily Archives: October 14, 2013

This Too Shall Pass

Monday afternoon- five loads of laundry- three cups of coffee(not enough)- breakfast made-lunch made- and now I sit. First time since 6AM. By myself. Glorious.  For I need a moment to myself.  

The Toddler and I are at odds today.  He thinks it is perfectly acceptable to scream-cry-kick-throw things- when I take Em upstairs to take a nap.  There is not enough coffee in the world to save my sanity today.  So I dialed up The Husband and on Facetime had him talk to the little devil that wouldn’t stop screaming.  

Note: with three fans on-one white noise machine-AND the door closed you could hear every painful octave my little man was hitting from downstairs.  

WHERE he had a snack, sippy cup of milk, an assortment of toys and books out AND Scooby Doo on- HIS FAVORITE.  What on earth could be so bad about me walking upstairs to put Em to sleep???  Does he miss me that much for two minutes? Eh-sweet as that sounds… it looks like pure jealously.  Something he rarely, if ever shows, with his little sister.  So as I sit and type. Wishing and willing the coffee maker to make a batch on its own.  The veins in my face are starting to dissipate   Sure if you were to knock on my door and look at me right now you may see a crazy-faced lady that just needs a big hug…one big hug… to let me know that the day isn’t ruined.  But then again, you might just run away in sheer terror at the sight of me.  

Cheers Monday.  I tip my hat to you.