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We just got the results back for The Toddler from his blood test.  He is highly allergic to almost all food known to mankind.  I KID YOU NOT.


  1. EGGS
  3. WHEAT
  4. OATS
  5. SOY
  8. CRAB
  10. PORK
  11. BEEF
  12. TUNA
  13. CORN
  16. TOMATO
  18. ORANGE
  19. POTATO
  21. APPLE
  22. PEAS


We are now advised to have two Epi-pens on us at all times.  We had split up one pack so that both my husband and I had one in our diaper bags… but now we both have two.  The Toddler has cried for milk, for cheese, for cheerios… things that all along have been making my baby sick.

The Toddler was a fussy baby, colicky doesn’t even begin to describe it.  He would cry for four-five hours EVERY night for months.  The past 23 months have been full of days where I just could tell that he was sick.  I thought it was because of teething, a cold from the playground at the park, or an earache.  But no, I have been feeding my child food that his little body has been fighting for months. MONTHS.  

How did I now pick up on this sooner?!?  I had voiced my concerns over and over again with our pediatrician and he just chalked it up to a colicky baby-then a growing toddler-then an overbearing mother.  

TO WHICH- I switched pediatricians.  I now am with someone that respects me as a parent.  Listens.  And assured me as she called me late last Tuesday, from her house no less-because she wanted to make sure to cut-out all of the above from his diet ASAP- because she cares.  As I sat there in shock.  Choking back tears.  She assured me that we are going to figure this out together.  We have a game plan.  She said exactly what I needed to hear.

As I sat in the parking lot of Costco, I felt my body go numb.  In shock.  Waves of guilt washed over me.  Why hadn’t I figured this out sooner?  Why is he so allergic to everything?  We have nothing in our fridge or pantry that he can eat…. 

The past few days we have been desperately trying to figure out what we can stock in our house that our little one can eat, and WILL eat.  Poor timing that he is now one picky little eater.  He LOVES everything on that list. EVERYTHING.  Except for peanut butter.  We stayed away from anything with nuts after he had an anaphalaxis response to a wheat substitute.  I didn’t want to risk it.  Glad I listened to myself then.

Beans, Cucumber, Grapes, Chicken, Red & Green Peppers, Bananas, Blueberries

Those are the only other foods that he has eaten and WILL eat right now.  I need help!  I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP.  

Ideas for meals?  Information on food allergies?  Blogs about food allergies?  The more information the better. 

I can’t get over the fact that I broke my baby.  I gave him food that his body just can’t have.  My sweet boy if you are reading this when you are older- I am dreadfully sorry that we didn’t catch this sooner.  

Em: Two Months Old

Sweet Em-

Length: 23 1/2 Inches 
Weight: 11 lbs 13 Ounces
Eyes: Bright Blue
Hair: Dark Brown

You are the happiest little baby around!  You always smile at us and are only cranky when you are hungry or overtired.  Thankfully the latter rarely happens anymore as we have gotten into a good schedule for sleep.  You sleep through the night on most nights.  Every couple of days you have a ROUGH night though and you like to be cuddled and fed for four or more hours in a row.  You have been able to roll over since you were one month old and really enjoy tummy time! You love watching your brother play and have started to play and bat at all of your toys.  You self-soothe with your thumb when you are getting fussy-love that.  You absolutely-positively loathe the car seat.  Hopefully this changes in the near future.  You really are adaptable to all of the activities we do during the day.  I put you in the Ergo and you are good to go!  I can not wait to see what the next month will bring-your personality is a pure delight!  

This Too Shall Pass

Monday afternoon- five loads of laundry- three cups of coffee(not enough)- breakfast made-lunch made- and now I sit. First time since 6AM. By myself. Glorious.  For I need a moment to myself.  

The Toddler and I are at odds today.  He thinks it is perfectly acceptable to scream-cry-kick-throw things- when I take Em upstairs to take a nap.  There is not enough coffee in the world to save my sanity today.  So I dialed up The Husband and on Facetime had him talk to the little devil that wouldn’t stop screaming.  

Note: with three fans on-one white noise machine-AND the door closed you could hear every painful octave my little man was hitting from downstairs.  

WHERE he had a snack, sippy cup of milk, an assortment of toys and books out AND Scooby Doo on- HIS FAVORITE.  What on earth could be so bad about me walking upstairs to put Em to sleep???  Does he miss me that much for two minutes? Eh-sweet as that sounds… it looks like pure jealously.  Something he rarely, if ever shows, with his little sister.  So as I sit and type. Wishing and willing the coffee maker to make a batch on its own.  The veins in my face are starting to dissipate   Sure if you were to knock on my door and look at me right now you may see a crazy-faced lady that just needs a big hug…one big hug… to let me know that the day isn’t ruined.  But then again, you might just run away in sheer terror at the sight of me.  

Cheers Monday.  I tip my hat to you.

Nuby Bath Letters and Numbers Review

Bubbles Make Everything Better

Goodness gracious how I have wanted a foam letter set!  Nuby’s Foam Bath Letters and Numbers set lives up to my expectations!  They easily stick to the walls of our bath tub.  The teacher in me is incredibly happy that we get to work on our letters, numbers AND colors each night in the bath!

Working on learning the letters for his name!  

Is it nap time?  Closes his eyes and pretends we can’t see him. PRICELESS.

The Husband was proud of this…. get it? Basket….. Ball.  Yes-that is our toddler slam-dunking!

I am biased.

Decorating ourselves in letters… Did I tell you?  They stick on you too!  

This set is recommended for ages 18 months and up.  The Toddler is about to turn two-pinch me-and he seems to really enjoy playing with the letters/numbers and learning their sounds.

The Nuby foam Bath Letters and Numbers are an easy way to make bath time a fun learning experience.  The 36 letters and numbers float in the water and stick to the walls when wet.

Available at these fine retailers:


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*Disclaimer – I was provided a product for review as a Nuby Mommy Blogger. No other compensation was received. All opinions  are honest and 100% my own.

Munchkin Meals: Toddler Edition

Munchkin Meals: Toddler Edition

Time for another Munchkin Meals thanks to Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life! On the first Thursday of every month she hosts a Munchkin Meals Link-Up Party- which enables me to look through tons of great meal ideas to change things up with my Toddler.


The past two months have been a blur- and I am so glad I took pictures to document The Toddler’s daily eats.  Just a little information for you-

The Toddler: 
34 pounds(lost three pounds in the last two months-baby fat is gone!)
38 Inches Tall
Clothes Size: 3 & 4T shirts- 2 & 3T shorts- Size 9 Shoes

Food allergies: Arrow Root-deathly allergic. Eggs- immediately throws-up.  Peas- topical reaction. Strawberries- topical reaction.  Since he is so darn allergic we have been told to not try any sort of nut product until after he is two years old…. one month away.  BUT we have a blood test to see just what else he is allergic to.

LOVES- All veggies.  BANANAS.  We have gone through AT LEAST four bananas a day.  I am fearful for our grocery budget when he gets older… He will NOT touch cake, cupcakes, bread…. and well, I guess he doesn’t know what he is missing!  He snacks on veggies throughout the day- so some of the meals below look a little lacking because we try to get as much protein into our highly active boy as possible!  The Toddler now eats all of his meals at the table, in a real chair with real silverware.  He sometimes gets a real cup-but for now he isn’t quite tall enough to drink one at the table without dumping some on himself.  

The amount of food shown is actually the amount of food he consumes!


He is active ALL.DAY.LONG. So we try our best to give him healthy, protein-filled options for meals.  I am quite happy with how much I have been cooking with a newborn in the house-and a serious lack of sleep problem.  Lots of cooking- usually on Sunday- prepping for our entire week and making 1-2 large portioned meals we can have for dinner and then easily transfers to lunch throughout the week.  We eat all of our meals at home-so prep-time is SUPER important.

Blueberry Waffles

Grilled Chicken, Cheese, Cucumber

White Chicken Chili, Cucumber dipped in guacamole 


Cooked beans, cheese and corn


Corn, Parmesan Pasta, Cucumber

Grilled Chicken, Corn, Cucumber

Game Day- Grilled Chicken, cheese, chopped corn

Salmon, Cheese and Grapes

Black Bean-Hidden Veggie Tacos

Chicken Kabobs with red and green pepper-with corn

Thank you Brittany for continuing this tradition! I LOVE the Munchkin Meals Link-up!  Can’t wait to pour over all of the other posts!

Do you have any simple crock pot ideas for fall?  
The cooler weather and having two kids under two makes this a necessity.

Do you have any recipes that involve “hidden” veggies?  
I need all the help I can get!

Thank you!

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