Daily Archives: January 3, 2014

Quality Family Time

I want to remember these moments forever!  The Toddler absolutely-positively LOVES going to the park.  On a normal day I will wear Em in the Ergo and we will walk the two miles to the park and back in the morning-playing soccer in the fields on the way there-and then after nap time in the afternoon we will head out again. PURE JOY.  

Can’t really put a price on that. 

When we were in CA for three days over Christmas we hit the park daily.  A new one each day!  The Toddler had so much fun leading everyone around and exploring to his little hearts desire!  Some of the slides were extremely fast in the early morning(they still had dew on them).  

There may be a lot of pictures in the next couple of days.  But this blog is first and foremost for us to have as a virtual memory book.  Thank you for all of your sweet emails and comments!  Can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for us!

Hot Tub in December: CA Edition

For the holidays we stayed with my Uncle Dan & Aunt Annie.  They live in Southern California and well folks, all of the sweaters I packed went unworn… the weather was mid-70s and BEAUTIFUL! When I was little-really little- The Toddler’s age actually- I swam in this same spa!  I remember splish-splashing around, chasing bubbles, and creating a whirlpool with my sisters!  It made my heart happy to be able to watch my son enjoy the same experiences!  He truly loves the water and I can’t wait to sign-up for more lessons in the next couple of weeks.

Christmas Breakfast: Em & Nana

Thankful to be able to spend the holidays with family. 
Thankful for Nana & Emma time.