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Munchkin Meals: 6 Months & 27 Months

Time for another Munchkin Meals thanks to Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life! On the first Thursday of every month she hosts a Munchkin Meals Link-Up Party- which enables me to look through tons of great meal ideas to change things up with my Toddler and now our sweet baby girl.  


The last few months have been full of firsts for our new little family of four!  Thankfully we found out about The Toddler’s food allergies and have been able to adapt our life and fridge to accommodate.  We no longer purchase any allergy-food.  This means there are A TON of green veggies- which really is good on all fronts. 

The last time I discussed The Toddler’s meals was when he was just 23 months old.  A new mom to two-under two-working feverishly to figure out how our little man can get all his nutritional needs, completely unaware of his dietary restrictions, save for the few ones that put his life in danger.

Munchkin Meals: 23 Months 

The Toddler: 
27 Months Old
36 pounds
40 Inches Tall
Clothes Size: 3 & 4T shirts- 3T shorts- Size 10 Shoes

Food allergies: 


So that is the round-up of what we no longer buy for our house.  Fortunately there are many healthy options that The Toddler loves that we were immediately able to substitute.  Thankful mom over here.

 Below are some snacks, lunches, and even a treat that is Toddler Approved!

2-3 Bananas a day is normal in our house.

I bring a homemade mix of dry coconut, dry blueberries, and rice chex where ever we go- easy and he LOVES it.

He can have icecream as long as it doesn’t have egg in it(or any of the other above allergens) and thankgoodness-because that is one sweet little treat!

Banana Break at the Zoo

Chex Mix

Lunches- Turkey, Avocodo Dip with Cucumbers, Green Peppers, and Pear

First vanilla milk shake- and before you go all crazy- we were in the parking lot enjoying milk shakes together as Em napped. 

Homemade Burrito Bowls- Brown Rice,Cilantro, Ground Chicken, and Black Beans

Gluten & Egg-Free Pancakes- STAR WARS STYLE- true fans will see it.

Some grocery store finds!

Burrito Bowls are kind of our go-to these days! 

Afternoon snack!

When I was pregnant with The Toddler a dear friend gave me these.  They are my main resources for baby food purees- definitely makes it easy on you when you are on less than four hours of sleep!

Em is now six months old! Baby food here we come!  I am working on doing a mixture of purees and Baby Led Weaning.  She is much more resistant to try new foods, so we are taking it slow.  Her favorites are large batches of pureed rice cereal with breast milk.  Slowly she is beginning to eat bananas, green beans, sweet potatoes, and pears.

6 Months Old
16 lbs(guess-find out Monday)
26 Inches(guess)
Clothes: 9 Month Onesies- 12 Month Pants- 12 Month Footed Sleepers

Thank you Brittany for continuing this tradition! I LOVE the Munchkin Meals Link-up!  Can’t wait to pour over all of the other posts!

Do you have any Baby-Led Weaning Posts? Please Share!

I need all the help I can get!

Thank you!

Rub a Dub-Dub

Two Kids in the Tub

The Husband is in charge of bath time at night. 

Bubbles. Giggles. And squeaky clean babies!

We have all been hit by the flu the past week. ALL OF US.  This is the first time The Husband has had to use a sick day for himself in over two years. TWO YEARS PEOPLE. So sneezing, sniffing, and coughing has been a part of our every day for the last week.  

Last night The Husband sneezed and our little ones cracked up while they were in the tub.  So he picked up some bubbles and play-sneezed bubbles all over both of them.  I could hear the laughing echo through the house.  Perhaps the best sound I have ever heard.  Both of them were belly-laughing so hard-they even sound like each other when they laugh.  I was attempting to put away a weeks worth of laundry, taking out the trash, and putting a days worth of toys away upstairs.  But after hearing the fun literally echo in the house I had to just stop and take in the moment.  

The precious moment.  

Thank you bubbles.  

Thank you Husband.  

Thank you for belly laughs-clean children-and a peaceful night of sleep.

Nuby Twisty Bugz Teether Review

Nuby Twisty Bugz Teether Review

Em has been playing with this teething toy for the last two months.  For people new to my little spot on the Internet-she started around four months old with this toy- and has really grown to love the little bugger(pun intended).  Her favorite part on the interactive twisty toy is the Bee.  For some reason, that little one with the purple wings is her favorite to play with and nom on.

Em officially has her first tooth!  

And with her new-found dexterity it helps immensely to have a teether that is large enough for her to play with AND has a number of different textures, colors, and movements.  I really haven’t seen anything else on the market that moves the way this Twisty Bugz Teether does.  

I would definitely recommend this teether to new moms!  

The Twisty Bugz teether features colorful characters, multiple textured surfaces, and fun sounds that will delight and amuse your baby for hours.  Each character is sized perfectly for small hands and can be twisted in a full circle.  Additionally the entire teether can be twisted along its center.  Twist it and it clicks!  Shake it and it rattles!

Available at these fine retailers:


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Whole Foods Market 3 Day Facial Care Sale FEB. 7-9

ALL facial care in the store are 25%!

Sales in: Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Personally, I have struggled for years with my face.  I always would have to look to see that the products I was using were non-comedogenic or else I would be plagued with even more skin problems.  Since having children I look at labels for everything- food, lotion, hair products.  I don’t know what took me so long to be more concerned about what I was putting on myself.

But now?  Now I make sure that the products our family buys are safe for everyone to use!  The cleanser above sits in our master bathroom and is what I use in the morning and at night.  Gentle just like my former products BUT less expensive AND it adheres to the rigorous details of being labeled a Premium Body Care Product by Whole Foods.

My little ones use the 365 EveryDay Value lotion after bath time each night!  It is perfect for their sensitive skin!  The Toddler has had skin issues with perfumes and additives since he was a newborn and I LOVE that this works for him!  I even use the lotion on my face before I put on my make-up in the morning.  Although we all know that putting on make-up for me happens just about twice a week-if we are being honest.  Even with just the lotion on, my face feels fresh AND the desert air can’t wreck havoc on it!

This sale happens only once a year! Go stock up on quality products for your family while you can!  I will be at our local Whole Foods Market stocking our linen closets with goodies for our family.

For those of you that care about where your products come from?  

This is your store.

This is your sale!

Premium Body Care

 A wonderful variety of facial skin products for any skin type and age: Cleansers, Eye Creams, Toners, Moisturizers, Scrubs, Masks and Serums are all on sale.  
Lip balms and makeup are excluded from the sale. 

Check out this helpful links from Whole Foods Market-
Links for information on Whole Food Market’s Standards:

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Nuby Pop-Up Cup Review

Nuby Pop-Up Cup
In our climate-the hot, hot desert, you need to constantly be taking in fluids.  Add a rambunctious toddler to the mix and goodness gracious do I have to be ever mindful of offering him enough fluids throughout the day!

On our daily two-mile walks to the park I always pack this cup for my little two-year-old.  He LOVES that it looks like my cup and I LOVE that it holds so much more liquid.  15 Ounces of water for our daily walks is just the right amount!  

I no longer have to bring two cups just for him.  That may be a small thing-but the fact that it is one less thing to grab and re-fill(plus clean) makes this mom to two little ones day.

We have been battling the flu in this house for far too long… so just an added bonus to this cup?  The Toddler drinks fluids because he feels like such a big boy!

Proof?  Here is my sick little one enjoying his second cup of water-all before 10AM.

Please note: Those snowman socks are his favorite…so even though it is six weeks past Christmas… he loves his little “snowy” socks, as he calls them.

The Nuby Pop-Up Cup features the easy pop up action sipper that is easy to use.  The snap on cap will keep the sipper clean while on the go.  Available in a variety of colors to make cup drinking more fun.

Available at these fine retailers:
  • TJ Maxx
  • Target
  • Sears
  • Walmart


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*Disclaimer – I was provided a product for review as a Nuby Mommy Blogger. No other compensation was received. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.

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