Daily Archives: March 7, 2014

Our House: Downstairs Update

Decoration Update: Above the Cabinets.  Purple Vases-two painted from Goodwill, large purple vase from family, wreath-Goodwill, letter “N” from Ross, Plates-Goodwill, Candle Sticks & Candles-Garage Sales, Blue Cast Iron Pot-Gift from dear friends(we do use it), Ivy-Garage Sale, Brown Coffee Maker from family.

I still am in awe with how bright our kitchen is after re-doing all of our cabinets! LOVE. 40+ hours of hard work at 7/8 Months pregnant? Didn’t love. But worth it. Eventually I want to replace the oven with a flat-top white one-but it still works and I really can’t make myself pay money to replace a perfectly(ugly) stove.

Spray painted pitcher from Target on clearance.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Love hydrangeas, spray painted my red lamp to match our new “decor”, lovely silver bowl from family, oil dispenser used as a dish-soap dispenser.

Clock: Target, Cake Tray-Target. Candle sticks-spray painted finds from Goodwill and family. Candle sticks from Goodwill-flower pot from family.

Re-furbished Mirror-spray painted white with green chalk paint. Plan on changing the saying a couple times a year and using it for parties!

Photo & Art Display- using shelves from Ikea and frames from Ikea and Goodwill.

Baskets: Target. Goods: Family, Spray painted finds from Goodwill, Garage Sales.

Wreath: Target. Tea Cups: Family. Bowls: Family.

Painted the trim of an old board from teaching, made the garland from scraps of paper after The Toddler’s first birthday, painted with leftover chalk paint.  Use during parties!

Soap Dispenser: DIY.

Switched to-

Then I switched back to the original lamp shade and used the purple one in Ms. Em’s room.  Didn’t quite fit in.  Toys are color-coded-blue: Toddler, purple: Baby. Yes- I have Easter decorations out already. Rocking chair: Solid Oak-$20 at Garage Sale-LOVE.

Mirror used to be black-spray painted metallic silver.  Printed out these myself and made the garland from washi tape and jute string.

Handmade sign: I love you because… Spray painted vase. Antique piece of furniture from family.

Mirror: Solid Oak from Goodwill.

Ikea table. Solid wood and took nearly an hour for me to put together. Fits perfectly.  Working on getting a tray to put underneath for extra storage!

Vases:Spray Painted. Bins: Target. Copper Bins: Family. Old Ball Jars: Family. Oil Lamp: Garage Sale.

Candle Sticks: Ross. Flowers: Joann Fabric. Silver Kettle: Goodwill. Painting: Joann Fabric.
Storage: Painted Ikea. Bins: Target. 

Switched to-

Table: Ikea Hack from college-that has been painted three times. Chairs: Ikea. Bench: Ikea. Bins: Target. Pillows: Costco. Lamp: Ikea.

Target Find. One of my very favorite sayings. Ever.

Vases: Spray painted. First Key to our Home: Pinterest Project. Books: Our favorites. Owl Art: Pinterest Project. Candles: From our engagement. Copper trunk: family.

New Rug-
New rug from Target: Working on saving up for some new flooring and this will help mask the high traffic area from the garage.

Almost every piece in our house has a story and is well loved.  We go Goodwill hunting probably three times a year and hit garage sales about twice a year.  The thrill of the hunt and saving our family much-needed money makes waiting for(sometimes years) a piece I would like, worth it!

In a perfect world?  We would have light granite counter-tops, hardwood floors, real wood blinds, sunshades on every window, and a large security door.  Those are wishes that might now be granted.  But I am content with the stage that our house is.  It feels like home, warm, us.