Daily Archives: April 4, 2014

Friday Favorites {Second Edition}

These two.  They play together all day.  If one is napping while the other is up-then they search or ask about the other one-I’m not cool enough just by myself now.

Baby Led Weaning- Ms. Em is having larger chunks of food at her meals now and gobbled this all up yesterday! NOMNOMNOM

DIY Laundry Room Updates

I am working on updating our laundry room with some fun printables, painted frames, and other organizational methods to help reconfigure the room.  It is off of the dining room and a room that I am in quite often so it will be a nice breath of fresh air when I put these into place.

Painted- Used to be a very angry color of green-serisously.

Spray painted letters.

The best part of this Friday? Nana arrives tomorrow after swimming lessons!  Tomorrow morning The Toddler and I will be at Home Depot making bird feeders-then off to both kid’s swimming lessons!  So excited for Nana to be here for an entire week!