Daily Archives: May 2, 2014

Top 5 Nursing Essentials

The Bravado Essential Embrace Nursing Bra: My go-to bra for nursing!  At first I was worried about how stiff the bra felt when I opened the package but goodness gracious this bra is so darn comfortable-even after wearing 14+ hours. I love how simple it is to snap on and off-so quiet that sweet Em doesn’t even stir when I am putting her down for the night.  Go out and buy yourself this little peace of heaven.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced: For my first baby I just bought the cheapest pump on the market.  A simple hand pump that did NOT get the job done.  Tears were shed.  Hours wasted.  Needlesstosay I was over the moon excited when my sister purchased this bad boy when I was pregnant with baby number two.  I had our freezer packed full of hundreds of ounces.  Minutes instead of hours- this is an investment that pays off in the first week alone.

Stork Craft Hoop Glider & Ottoman:  For the first couple of months I put in about 7-8 hours in this chair.  Comfort is pivotal-especially when things get tough- lack of sleep sets in or in my case bad cases of mastitis.  

Aden & Anais Classic Swaddle Set:  Our family has two sets and we use at least 2-3 blankets a day for various outings, activities and yes, feedings.  I could never get myself to buy a cover specifically for nursing for when we were out in public.  I just loop a swaddle through my bra and BOOM baby is covered.

Emmi & Olive Teething Necklace: I own three of these fabulous necklaces and even Em has a set waiting for her when she is old enough to don a necklace and bracelet(so excited about matching sets).  Em twirls the necklace through her fingers instead of yanking at my hair while I feed her.  And in a pinch this turns into a teether that calms a little crankasauras- tried and true.
Wearing the Essential Embrace Nursing Bra and the Emma Teething Necklace. #LittleVictories