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Munchkin Meals: Toddler & Baby {9 Months}

Munchkin Meals: Toddler & Baby

Time for another Munchkin Meals thanks to Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life! On the first Thursday of every month she hosts a Munchkin Meals Link-Up Party- which enables me to look through tons of great meal ideas to change things up with my Toddler and now our sweet baby girl.  


Previous Munchkin Meals: 

The Toddler: 

40 pounds
42 Inches Tall
Clothes Size:  4T shirts- 3T shorts- Size 11 Shoes

Food allergies: 

Yesterday’s Meals:

2 Full Camelback’s of Water      1 Glass of Milk      1 Can of Beans      
1 Can of Olives(big treat)      1 Container of Homemade Trail Mix
Two servings of Rice Pasta with Parmesean Cheese      Slowcooker Bowl of Goodness
1 Cucumber      2 Bananas      1 Green Pepper      1 Pear      2 Cups of Rice Chex with Milk

He looks so different with longer hair!

What does The Toddler typically go through in a week?

1-2 lbs of Chicken(ground or grilled)
1-2 lbs Turkey(sliced)
4 Cans of Beans
6-7 Bananas
2 Cucumbers
3 Green Peppers
1 Zucchini 
A batch of fresh-in season fruit
1/2 Box of Rice Chex
2 Gallons of Milk
Box of Rice Mac & Cheese
Box of Scooby Snacks- Gluten/Egg/Nut Free snacks from Whole Foods-lovingly called Scooby Snacks
1 Bag of Popcorn
Large Bag of Homemade Mix: Dried Apricots, Blueberries, Raisins, Coconut, Rice Chex

Typically we will have 2-3 large slow cooker meals each week.  

Easy and both of the little ones devour each and every meal.

We are constantly searching for food combinations that are allergy-free and toddler approved- luckily our family members that live far away search the local shelves of their specialty stores for goodies that he can safely have.  

Thank you Aunt Darcy and Uncle Bill for the fabulous box of snacks!

9 Months Old
17 lbs{best guess-we find out next week at her actual 9 Month Check-up}
28 Inches {best guess}
Clothes: 9 Month Onesies- 12 Month Pants- 12 Month Footed Sleepers

Yesterday’s Meals:

Pureed Sweet Potato      1 Can of Black Beans      1/2 Raw Squash      Pureed Green Bean
Pureed Banana & Apple      2 Bananas      2 Cups of Chex      1 Cup of Cherrios      9 Ounces of Water      2 Mum Mums      Handful of Happy Puffs

What does Em typically go through in a week?

10-14 Bananas
1/2 Box Cheerios
1/2 Box Rice Chex
Pureed Sweet Potatos
Pureed Green Beans
Pureed Bananas & Apples
Pureed Squash
Raw Squash
Box of Mum Mums
4-5 Cans of Beans(Black-Pinto-Kidney)
Shredded Chicken
Shredded Turkey
1 Can of Corn
1/2 Container of Happy Puffs
Cut-Up Fruit(whatever The Toddler is having)

Em typically eats whatever dinner we are having as a family.  She prefers to eat on her own at this point which is adorable and typically messy.  She can out eat me most days of the week- I wish I was kidding.  Right now Em is still 100% breastfed.  The bottle is one of her least favorite items in the world, truly, sincerely, she hates those things.  Yet, we press on.  She will now drink water out of a sippy cup, bottle, or her favorite-The Toddler’s new camelback water bottle.  She is as feisty as ever and is starting to refuse to eat from a spoon… which is the complete opposite of The Toddler who would gladly love for me to spoon feed him each and every meal(forever & ever).  Hilarious how different and yet similar these two are!
Thank you Brittany for continuing this tradition! I LOVE the Munchkin Meals Link-up! 

Any allergy friendly finds? 

Slow cooker recipes?

Baby-Led Weaning tips? Please share!

Thanks for following along!