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Our Morning Routine{Toddler Edition}

Nuby Comb and Brush Set

Check list that is helping our toddler figure out what we have to do next.  He LOVES crossing it off and I love that we no longer have a battle royale to get going in the morning. Please note: We always wash our hands… so I just include that in the “potty” category.

We are currently in the trenches of potty-training.  We have been working on this for over a year and there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.  Mistakes are few and far between- but I still feel like we need to use some type of pull-ups throughout the day and night.  Baby steps indeed.  I had always heard that boys were hard to potty train.  I agree with that notion whole-heartedly.  

Both Em, our nine month old, and The Toddler brush their teeth in the morning.  I assist with both of them.  Good oral hygiene is pivotal-start them young! (Humble brag- I will be 30 in November and have yet to get one cavity).

Brushing their hair.  Both Em and The Toddler get their hair brushed in the morning.  They giggle and squirm around and after I am done The Toddler insists on brushing my hair.  I can use all the help I can get at 6AM so I oblige.

I love how soft the bristles are on the brush and the comb will surely come in hand when Em’s hair gets a little longer.  She is lucky that she has her father’s thick locks!  A year ago this would have been used on our little man-he had such long hair- I couldn’t part with his baby hair until he just turned two. Sappy Momma.

I would definitely recommend this adorable set! Love how it helps give us a routine!
Available at these fine retailers: 
  • Baby Depot at Burlington
This Comb and Brush Set by Nuby was designed for baby.  The nylon bristles on the brush are soft and gentle to baby’s tender scalp.  Both the brush and comb are sized for baby’s needs, but are comfortable for an adult to use.


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