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Being Present

Being Present. 
Every day.
Summer is a long season for us in the Valley of the Sun.  The weather tips in the 110s during the day and cools down to a balmy 75 at night.  With two little ones, two and under, I do my best to find activities that keep us active, learning, and most importantly having fun!

We are busy.  

BUT it is a good busy.

Our schedule is full of splash pad mornings, pool afternoons, and extended shopping trips to Target or Costco.  

Air conditioning is my friend.  

We go to Home Depot Kid Workshops and Lowes Home Improvement Art Activities.  We make messes at home- blow bubbles, ride bikes/trikes/cars, and draw pictures with chalk.  We play in the pool and sandbox in the backyard, daily.  

A good day can be measured with how much yuck is covering the tub long after the kids have been snuggled and put to bed.

Our membership to The Children’s Museum has already paid for itself, one week in.

Bubble Blast, Bikes-Bounce-and Boogie, Tikes & Tunnels are our Wednesday Jam! Our local community center hosts fantastic activities. Both The Toddler and Em LOVE those days… I treat myself to a frappochino on the way home and it is a WIN all around!

Being present to me, means putting down the Iphone and only working when both of them are sleeping.  I choose to do this because as I was so humbly reminded, my baby girl is now ten months old.  First birthday planning is beginning and time is oh so fleeting when they are young.  I plan to cherish our summer together.  This may mean that I post less frequent on my dear blog.  But I hope you understand and know how much this time with them means.  

We are off to California soon, to visit family and introduce our little ones to the wonderful world of Disney! Beach play dates with friends, family trips to the pool, and the happiest place on earth! Counting my blessings, indeed.

Coming soon? 

-Em’s 10 Month Update
-Road Trip Advice{Toddler & Baby Edition}
-Freshly Picked Review{& GIVEAWAY}

Thank you so much for supporting me and reading this little blog! I appreciate every single one of you!