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Freshly Picked Review(& GIVEAWAY)

Goodness gracious did I jump for joy when Freshly Picked offered to let me review AND giveaway one pair of their fabulous moccasins to my lovely readers! Seriously, I jumped and did the happy dance… you know the one… that one that embarrasses your family. Oh yes, that’s me.

Let me start out with acknowledging the fact that I have been following Susan religiously ever since she was on Shark Tank.  But word-of-mouth? I knew about her and her fabulous moccs WAY before that episode hit live air.

You see quality baby and kid products are hard to come by and every company claims that they have the best products for your family.  I like to find out from real people, moms, exactly how these items hold-up before I spend my precious money.  

Well these moccasins live up to the hype!  They have Em’s seal of approval and are a worthy purchase for any of you out there that are on the bubble about this investment.

Before I picked out the moccasins that would grace Sweet Em’s feet I printed out this adorable diagram to figure out what size would work for her.  All parents out there know how hard it is to corral a kid to stay still so I just waited until she was eating lunch in her high chair to place the paper against her foot and mark it off.  

Then it was time to pick out which color of moccasins… goodness did that take a long, long time.  I went back and forth between Coral and Aruba probably twenty times if we are being honest.  I am over the moon happy with my choice Aruba!  



The pictures online are true to form and the color is just as rich and beautiful in person.

Freshly Picked is proudly made in the USA.  We try to purchase as many products locally and Made in the USA as we can throughout the year!  Love companies that invest in their communities and country!



The Toddler picked out this color when we were shopping for our pair.  It was between this and neon green- tough call for him!  

The leather feels like butter.  And the smell? Smells like a new mitt at tee-ball practice! Brings me right back to being little and on the Bulldogs Team.  Em HATES shoes.  And that my dear friends is putting it lightly.  Although at ten months old she doesn’t need shoes yet-she is this close to walking- we go out twice a day(cabin fever) and she needs something to cover her feet that are not slippery when she cruises at the park or is crawling after The Toddler. The shoes are definitely going to fit her in the next couple of months and I can see her wearing these on play dates and out to lunch with friends.  

Oh yes, got off on a tangent- she HATES shoes- but she LOVES these moccasins.  I am not kidding.  These are easy to put on and so comfortable she forgets she is wearing them.  If I put on any of the other pairs I have for her she sits down and doesn’t move until she tears them off.  We have never successfully gotten her to wear an entire pair of shoes.  Sometimes she will get tired of trying to rip them off and will crawl around with the lone survivor, but that is a rare occasion indeed.



Freshly Picked just released The Carryall in matching shades with their moccasins and I may or may not be coveting The Carryall in Coral… husband you have been warned.  
That is on my wishlist.

Matching Coral Moccs for Em and purse for mom! WIN-WIN!

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Now onto the GIVEAWAY! Please read the rules below and enter using the Rafflecopter.  

Freshly Picked is giving away one pair of moccasins in the color of the winner’s choice!  You can check out what colors they have available HERE. The giveaway opens on 6/16/14 and closes on 6/30/14 at 5PM Arizona Mountain Time.  All entries will be checked for validity. If you can’t see the Rafflecopter-click on the link below the last adorable picture below! Good luck!

This giveaway is only open to United States Postal Codes. 
The winner must live within the US for their prize to be shipped.

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*I was given a product for my review. No other compensation was provided. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest.