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Arizona Science Center: Lost Egypt Exhibit{& GIVEAWAY}

Lost Egypt Exhibit
Disclaimer: I was provided the opportunity to visit the Arizona Science Center and Lost Egypt exhibit through a campaign with Blended Extended. All opinions are my own.
The Toddler was over the moon excited about going to see “The Mummies”!  He squealed with delight when we walked in and grinned from ear to ear the entire time we were there.  
The Arizona Science Center definitely got his seal of approval.
Oh look- the mom behind the camera! I am consciously working on being IN the pictures with my little ones instead of just documenting our family.  Takes some planning to get pictures with my little ones and luckily my husband was able to take the afternoon off to explore the Lost Egypt exhibit with us.

Sweet Em got the best seat in the house for the trip!  She loved exploring with us and was quite comfortable in the heavy AC environment- which is key in Phoenix this time of year.
Our group was escorted straight up to the Lost Egypt exhibit.  The Toddler could not contain his excitement when he saw the mummies and literally shouted with joy.  UNTIL he got too close.  Those are just fabricated mummies at the entrance to the exhibit but to a two year old they are the life size Scooby Doo villains come to life.  Thankfully he inched closer and realized they weren’t bad guys after all.  

About the Lost Egypt Exhibit
Lost Egypt is an immersive quest for knowledge that reveals how archaeologists use modern 
science and technology to uncover and understand the ancient civilization of Egypt. Through 
hands-on challenges, authentic artifacts and guidance from real archaeologists, visitors will 
unearth the mysteries of Egypt, its culture and its people. The exhibition explores how 
mummies, artifacts and other material remains contribute to our scientific understanding of past cultures.
Highlights include a real human mummy and several animal mummies, as well as scans, 
forensic facial reconstructions and for the first time ever, a life-size rapid prototype (a type of 3D computer model) of a mummy in a stage of “unwrapping.” Visitors will also be transported into ancient times where they will discover a re-creation of an Egyptian tomb and authentic art and artifacts from the daily life and funerary culture of ancient Egypt. 

The Toddler loved being able to climb up and “ride” a full size camel statue.  He is MUCH higher off the ground than he seems and was clinging on for dear life.  The camel is a lovely addition to the exhibit and was a hit with all of the young in attendance(and some much older).  As a former educator it was refreshing to see so many opportunities to learn, touch, feel, and move throughout the exhibit.  
This was The Toddler’s favorite hands-on activity and is perfect for the youngest in your group.  You had to drag a block to the pyramid using the technology that the Ancient Egyptians used.  He worked hard to move the stone the length of the runner.  

There are some places in the exhibit where you can not take pictures- which just means you need to go see for yourself what other treasures lay within the Lost Egypt exhibit!


The Mummification Process

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About Arizona Science Center
The mission of Arizona Science Center is to inspire, educate and entertain people of all ages 
about science. The Center, located at 600 E. Washington Street in downtown Phoenix, features more than 300 hands-on exhibits, live demonstrations, the state-of-the-art Dorrance Planetarium and a five-story IMAX® theater. For more information, visit www.azscience.org or call 602-716-2000.
After our visit to the Lost Egypt exhibit we were able to go explore the rest of the massive grounds.  I love how the Arizona Science Center makes a point to provide as many hands-on learning opportunities as they can!

Family Tug of War Game

The Toddler and I are undefeated- 4-0!

Em tried to help as much as she could… alas she is only 18 lbs of pure cuteness right now. Maybe next time.

Our last stop on the way out was this fabulous water station outside.  
We all got thoroughly soaked but the giggles and laughs echoed into the building!
We spent probably 45 minutes outside with him at the various water stations.  
He definitely did not want to leave, ever.
The signs of a worthy trip with a toddler?
The Ultimate Car Nap
The Arizona Science Center was a blast! We are definitely planning a trip back in the near future. The majority of the exhibits are geared toward elementary school aged children and above-BUT our toddler had the time of his life and three hours was not enough time to see even close to everything that the Science Center offers!  Plan to spend the day there with your family.  Now for my lucky readers- a giveaway!
You have the opportunity to win one of THREE Family Four Packs of tickets to the Arizona Science Center!
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I was provided the opportunity to visit the Arizona Science Center and Lost Egypt exhibit through a campaign with Blended Extended. All opinions are always 100% my own.