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Teething Treat: Nuby Teethe & Play

Nuby Teethe & Play 

I continue to find fabulous teething toys from my friends at Nuby- they never disappoint!  This teether has it all and is my favorite yet!  Seriously, Em now has four teeth and is getting in two more top teeth as we speak… 

The quality of this teether is top-notch.  I love that I can pop it into the freezer and give it to her when she hits those really cranky parts in the afternoon- this teether doesn’t freeze her hands like others because only one side becomes frozen. GENIUS. She is one picky lady and does not like her hands to be cold in the slightest.

The textures and soft plastic are perfect for her little hands to navigate and she loves how the fabric pieces crinkle- why doesn’t every toy have that crinkle???  She carries it around like a dumbbell and loves to wave it around.  

The Teethe and Play teether is helping this hectic mom of two under two get through another patch of crazy teething.

Available at these fine retailers: 
  • www.BuyBabyDirect.com
Hear, Look and Feel! The multiple features of this Teethe & Play™ teether encourage sensory development- making it a great choice for your little one. They can hear the fun crinkle noise in the fabric, look at the soft colors and patterns and feel the variety of textures this teether offers. All these possibilities and it is sized and shaped perfectly for your baby’s smaller hand to comfortably hold. There are even sections filled with pûrICE™ Gel for additional pleasure during the teething process.

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