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Sweet Em’s First Birthday

This weekend we were thrilled to be able to celebrate our little girl turning one!  

The Toddler LOVED every single balloon and is still willing the deflated balloons to keep floating as we speak(type).  Sometimes I forget how truly wonderful something is… the last time we had balloons in the house was last fall for The Toddler’s second birthday(nine months ago) and that my dear friends is just too darn long.  Note to self to break out the helium tank and blow up a balloon every once in awhile.

Ms. Em is certainly shy when it comes to crowds but was more than thrilled to help open up her treasures from those that attended.  We are definitely blessed and are incredibly grateful for all of her new toys and clothes. She is one lucky lady!

The Toddler was more than happy to “help” with gifts and to “test” all of them for his little sister. This morning he poured me some hot coffee over and over again from the tea kettle- I can take all the caffeine I can get(even if it is make believe).

Cheesy smile before the cake smash!

Family Photo(minus The Toddler who was off gallivanting with other toddlers)

Sweet Em was definitely not quite sure what to think… she was clearly concerned with the amount of attention she was getting. My usual rough and tumble girl who gladly sits in sand boxes, smears herself with sidewalk chalk, and tackles sprinklers head-on was definitely weary about the mess that the frosting made. 

The “Aftermath”.

We are so incredibly grateful for those near and far that wished our baby girl a happy first  birthday!  

Thank you for all of the well wishes!

Our little lady LOVED every second of her birthday!

Coming Soon: 
First Birthday Decor & Food{Shabby Chic}
Family Cake Smash