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Top 5 Potty Training Tips for your Toddler

Honestly, before we ever started potty training I had heard from more people(than I wanted to) that boys were MUCH harder to potty train than girls.  I think it truly is determined by the personality and temperament of your child.  I know a lot of very successful potty-trained 18 month olds.  

So with the naysayers watching we began our journey in potty training when our little man was around 17 months old.  We knew that he was “ready” to start and that he knew what were we talking about and what we expected of him.  Here are the top five steps that have helped us in our potty training journey!

Pull-Ups- I talked up the “Big Boy Underwear” for weeks leading up to starting.  Whenever we were in Costco or Target I would show him the boxes of Pull-Ups and he would smile, clap, and “talk” about how excited he was to be a Big Boy!  When it came down to choosing which box of Pull-Ups we made sure that he had the choice each time about which characters he chose and even between the Pink and Blue options. I loved that these Pull-Ups mimic real underwear and were easy for him to Pull-Up after using the restroom.  With Sweet Em’s arrival, The Toddler was suddenly surrounded by all things baby and it was great to have some Big Boy Pull-Ups that set him apart- linking “Babies” with diapers.
Step Stool-  I tried using one of those portable small potties- BUT the cleaning? NO, THANK YOU! Plus, with little boy parts-many of the potties available on the market don’t work as well as you would expect to prevent splatter. Once again- the cleaning?!? NO, THANK YOU!  We have a small plastic no-slip step stool downstairs and this wood stool in the kid’s bathroom upstairs.  He immediately took to using the bathroom ten times easier when it was exactly what mom and dad do.  He felt so grown up!  We also tried one of those toilet attachments to make the hole smaller so that they don’t fall in.  Once again there were way too many mistakes and he felt like he was doing it wrong.  No negativity in my potty training method!  The lid got the boot.  From 18 months on he has successfully used the restroom when it was offered.  
POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT- There are so many studies out there shouting from the rooftops how big of an impact positive reinforcement has in a child’s life.  I am a BIG proponent on verbal positive reinforcement.  After every successful flush we do a potty dance- clad with a makeshift song- a jig- and high fives.  The Toddler loves the extra attention and it is really easy to take “the show on the road” when we are out on our daily adventures.  It is easy to do the potty dance at the zoo or even the store.  Don’t mind me- I’m the parent doing a little break dance with my two year old-Nothing to see here folks.

Routine- My little ones THRIVE on a routine.  Bed time routine? Check.  Nap time routine? Check.  Potty routine? You better believe it!  Right when we get up, it is potty time.  Then we wash our hands-brush our teeth-and wash our face.  Before we go anywhere there is a potty break.  Upon arriving at said destination? There is a potty break.  Before leaving said destination?  You guessed it- Potty break.  It has to be said that schlepping Em into the bathroom each and every time got old, REAL FAST.  But it must be done. 

Sticker Chart- I am all for intrinsic motivation, but when we started out with potty training the sticker chart is what tipped the scales with our successful flushes.  I simply taped a chart to the wall and we had 2-3 options of stickers each successful flush.  The 18 Month Old Toddler? Ate that right up.  When he turned two he didn’t need the extra reward… so we just DANCE.  Boogie it up folks!  Whatever works!

With these tips there have been no Code Browns for over six months. That’s right. Not one mistake.  We are currently working on staying dry during naps and overnight and I am BEYOND grateful of the role that Pull-Ups have had in our success.  When The Toddler was 17 Months old(before Huggies ever approached me) we used The Big Kid’s Academy.  Seriously, check it out.  The App is spot-on(I loved it before I was sponsored).

You can say that again.

Big Kid Beginnings

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Celebrate the First and Every Flush!

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Time to Potty

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Every Kid is Unique. That’s why when you enroll at the Big Kid Academy, you’ll get a personalized “My Pull-Ups®” page with potty training activities and advice customized to your point in the potty training journey.

The Big Kid Academy has a world-class library of potty training tips and advice from parenting experts, medical professionals and our brightest alumni: parents who have been there. 

Subjects include:

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Do you have a tip that helped in your potty training journey? 

What works for your family?

Let me know if you have any questions! Good luck- remember it is a journey AND a destination!

This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups.  All opinions as always are 100% my own.

Vertuccio Farms

It’s fall again at Vertuccio Farms and we will be hosting our 10th annual Harvest Festival and Corn Maze. Come and navigate through our 10 acre maze cut into the design of the Statue of Liberty. Along with the pumpkin patch, farm animals, hay maze,barrel train and bounce house, we have added the valley’s one and only Pizza Farm. 

Come out and see how pizza is grown!

Vertuccio Farms 2013
Vertuccio Farm is located at 4011 S. Power Rd. in Mesa, Arizona. 
Please visit our web site for dates and times. 

I am so excited to visit again this year with our family of four! There were so many activities last year and I can’t wait to pick out some pumpkins with both of the toddlers!

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