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Homemade Allergy-Free Play Doh





  • 1 CUP brown rice flour
  • 1 CUP corn starch
  • 1 CUP salt
  • 4 tsp. cream of tartar
  • 2 CUPS water
  • 2 tsp. cooking oil *we used vegetable oil and it worked perfectly-but you can change this to accommodate allergies if need be.

Cook all ingredients over low heat until you can form a ball. Please make sure it is cool before you remove the Play Dough from the pot. When cool, store in a zipper plastic bag.  It will seem as if the Play Dough will never form a ball- HANG IN THERE- it will, it just takes it’s sweet time.



I was so disappointed to see that Play Doh in the stores is made with Gluten and therefore would cause a horrific allergy attack for both of my little toddlers.  I am so happy that this recipe is so easy to use and SAFE for both of my children.  We use play mats for the surface area-cookie cutters and cupcake liners.


 Do you want to build a snowman?!?




 Proud of making a Christmas Tree.


We usually do crafts right after breakfast, before we head off on our adventure for the day.  AND they love doing a quiet craft after they wake up from their naps.  Play dough is so easy to use and clean up.


 Homemade Allergy-Free Play Dough





 Homemade Allergy-Free Play Dough



Sweet Em



Homemade Allergy-Free Play Dough

I hope you have found this helpful! I love being able to adapt activities to fit the needs of our family.

Do you know of any natural dyes that work with homemade play dough?

Are there any allergy-friendly dyes that you use with your children?

I would love to hear how I can safely make Play Dough EVEN MORE exciting for my little ones. Thank you for sharing!