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MUNCHKIN MEALS: Toddler & Preschooler



Time for another Munchkin Meals thanks to Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life! On the first Thursday of every month she hosts a Munchkin Meals Link-Up Party- which enables me to look through tons of great meal ideas to change things up with my Toddler and Preschooler.
Food Allergies & THRIVING:
Raymond has a tremendous amount of food allergies. He goes into anaphylatic shock with gluten, arrowroot, peanuts/nuts, baker’s yeast, oats and immediately throws up if he consumes any amount of egg or apple.  Other allergies that we avoid in our house entirely: peas, beef, carrots, soy, codfish, crab, shrimp, and oranges.  We are thankful that there are a lot of people in our lives that take the time to find special treats or recipes that work for our family.



Ms. Em cheesing for the camera.  Homemade Chipotle Bowls are most definitely the favorite in our house.  IF my family could eat at Chipotle every day, we would.  Allergy friendly, family friendly, and scrumptious. We literally replicate their favorite combination: Brown Rice with Cilantro, Black and Pinto Beans, BBQ Chicken, cheese and lettuce. YUM. I make a big batch once a week for dinner and use leftovers when I’m in a pinch for lunch.



Homemade Chipotle Bowl


 Em: 15 Months Old

What does Em typically go through in a week?

1-2 lbs of Chicken(ground or grilled)
1-2 lbs Turkey(sliced)
4 Cans of Beans
1 Can Olives
1/4 lb of Cheese
6-7 Bananas
3-4 Waffles
2 Cucumbers
3 Green Peppers
1 Red Pepper
1 Zucchini
A batch of fresh-in season fruit
1/2 Box of Rice Chex
1 Gallon of Milk
Box of Rice Mac & Cheese
1/2 Carton Frozen Yogurt
Large Bag of Homemade Mix: Dried Apricots, Blueberries, Raisins, Coconut, Rice Chex


Cheese and Crackers? How fancy! Raymond loves this new addition to our snack cupboard.  This is a Costco find and allergy-friendly! Plus, after 3-4 you don’t really mind the healthy taste.  Just wish I could enjoy mine with cheese.  I’m SURE they taste much better with cheese.

 Allergy-Friendly Snack Addition



Raymond: 3 Years Old

What does Raymond typically go through in a week?

2 lbs of Chicken(ground or grilled)
1 lbs Turkey(sliced)
1 Box of Mary’s Crackers
1/2 lb of Cheese
4-5 Gluten/Egg Free Pancakes
5 Cups of Raisins
3 Servings of Greek Yogurt
4 Cans of Beans
7 Bananas
2 Cucumbers
3 Green Peppers
2 Red Peppers
2 Zucchini
A batch of fresh-in season fruit
1/2 Box of Rice Chex
2 Gallons of Milk
3-4 Servings of Rice Pasta Mac & Cheese
1/2 Carton of Frozen Yogurt
Large Bag of Homemade Mix: Dried Apricots, Blueberries, Raisins, Coconut, Rice Chex




Seriously, this girl.  I say cheese and she just lives it up. Greek yogurt with bananas. YUM. But oy, what a mess.  On most days both kids get 3-4 outfit changes.  I finally understand where all the laundry comes from when I look at this pictures. She is so proud though, too proud to wear a bib.  Bibs are for babies, apparently.


Oh yes, we are in the stage of pony tails. Mom really needs to up her game- but when you have .25 seconds to get it done? Yep. Work-in-progress.

Au Jus for Chipotle Bowls – Nailed it.


Taco night satisfies the entire family.  I love traditions and we do Taco Night once a week, every week. What about Chipotle Bowls? Yep, that’s a different night.  I am completely original here people.




This past week my husband had to work overtime last minute and both toddlers and I were down for the count.  So here is a little reality check of our messy life and the food that works good in a pinch.  Homemade Rice Pasta Mac & Cheese with Browned Turkey in a Tomato-Garlic-Parmesan Sauce. NOM.NOM.NOM.


I couldn’t help but post this.  When food is too hot he holds his mouth open and uses big-BIG breaths to cool his food down. Pretty darn priceless.


Em uses forks and spoons relatively well.  Whatever we are using to eat she DEMANDS to use. It’s precious and un-nerving how fast she is trying to grow-up. Stay little.  I could’ve wiped down her ‘misses’ but this is what meals look like for us. Our messy reality.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Classic (Un?)Taco Night


Breakfast Options: 
Bananas, Blueberries, Gluten-free/Egg-free/Nut-free Pancakes and waffles, Greek yogurt, Chex Cereal, Brown Rice Crispies Cereal, Pears.


Lunch & Dinner: 
Tacos, Burrito Bowls, BBQ Chicken, Pasta, Mac and Cheese, “Scooby” Sandwiches-Turkey rolled up around cheese, White Chicken Chili, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Cucumber, Cheese Cubes, Grapes, Cauliflower, Black Beans, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Pinto Beans, Corn on the Cob, Homemade Purees.
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