Daily Archives: November 12, 2014

Another Heart to Care For


On Monday we received some bad news.  At his three year well-check we found out that Raymond has a murmur.

My heart sank.  Both babies now have murmurs. Em is healing. And I’ve talked about her heart problems before.

Now Raymond.

I can’t stop myself from wondering if it’s because of me. I have heart abnormalities, although mine wasn’t discovered until pre-op for a cholecystectomy when I was twenty.

Here we are again.  Awaiting another appointment and testing from our beloved Pediatric Cardiologist.

Once more people are kindly trying to erase my fears. I don’t take well to, “Don’t worry-he’ll be fine.” In all reality we don’t know. So please don’t say blanket statements, even out of love.





Please send good thoughts and prayers. Simple, sweet, and much needed right now in our house.