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#Leap TV- Leap Into Gaming #MommyParty


The LeapTV Gaming System is available this Fall and goodness gracious has it become a fast favorite in our house!  Gaming just got smarter with LeapTV active video gaming system.  Kids can learn through motion as they jump, dance and learn! With a library of 100+ LeapFrog educator-approved game cartridges, game downloads and videos, kids will never run out of fun!



I do solemnly proclaim that this is the Holiday Must-Have of the season! I can not wait to get this for some of my favorite nieces in Hawaii! Shhh… please don’t tell them.




Dance & Learn is all about moving and grooving while learning about reading.  Dance, sing and move to the music!  There are nine dance games where they use: age-based starting points, level climber, answer guidance, auto-adjusting curriculum, and instant hints.  The three game modes keep the fun going! Just remember: Dino Dance. Your welcome.

Sports is all about getting into the action while playing nine different sports! The learning features include: age-based starting points, cross-game learning memory, instant hints, auto-adjusting curriculum, level climber, and answer guidance.  You can choose from Quick Play or Events to keep the fun going! Swimming was a family favorite!




My children love mail surprises and were BLOWN AWAY by this package! They cackled, screamed, and did a little dance I would like to call a “jig”. After we opened up the goodies we immediately set-up the LeapTV Gaming System and got to playing.  Set-up was a breeze.



Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.



We learned quickly that the video motion detector worked better for us below our TV and I am glad that it gives you lots of cord length to be able to fit the space you need.  This was just as easy to connect as our Fit Made Fun LeapBands.




Pet Play World- designing and taking care of your very own pet.  Raymond helped put the finishing touches on Emma Marie’s favorite, a panda.  He then helped design, feed, and take care of his Dragon who he promptly named “Rowan”.



Using the controller to help feed their pets!



Dino Dancing Extravaganza





After learning and playing with our LeapTV we started planning our Leap Into Gaming Party.



#LeapTV Leap Into Gaming MommyParty


When guests arrived I made sure there were lots of activites for all of our little friends.  Pet Play World a game on the LeapTV Gaming System was brought to life on our kitchen table.  We made sure to have lots of copies of all of the animals so that each child could pick out their favorite to customize with crayons- much like making your own pet in the game.  The Dragon, Panda, and Unicorn were the favorites at our party and everyone had a blast trying to find the perfect name for their new little pet. Priceless for all of the moms to watch!





Raymond picked out the Dragon, a favorite in our house and colored every inch of him in.  He named him “Rowan”.





Emma Marie picked out the Panda and worked hard on trying to color her new little buddy.

Party Menu

As a food allergy family we find it important to note all allergies of those at our party and we plan accordingly.  All foods were free of nuts, treenuts, and gluten.  We served plenty of fresh blueberries, bell peppers cut into strips, gluten-free chips with organic salsa, pear strips and cheese sticks.  All of the toddlers and preschoolers at the party gobbled up the food and I was thankful that I had made three times as much as shown to replenish the table.



The first games the group wanted to play were from LeapTV Sports.  There are NINE games to choose from and we got through them all… watching kids being able to participate in Soccer, Karate, Baseball, Bowling, Swimming, Rope Climbing, Weightlifting, Skateboarding, and Snowboarding was so much fun! I love how many skills there are involved in these games!

Seriously, the kids used additon skills, pattern recogniton, subtraction, and shapes to make their way through the games in the Olympics! You can also choose to do Quick Play where you can just go to your favorite event and play as many times as you want.


By and large the swimming was Raymond’s favorite… so far.  He has so much to learn and I am so excited that these games promote learning and problem solving!  The former teacher in me pats myself on the back. It’s not often that you find a Game System that is this enjoyable that is educational. MOM WIN.

The next game we played was LeapTV Dance & Learn.  I have never laughed so hard.  The screams of hysterical laughing that echoed in my tiny house were priceless.  The Dance & Learn Game promotes reading skills with working on learning new vocabulary, phonics, the alpahbet, and compound words.  Educational? Check. Physically Active? Check. Fun? CHECK.

The Dino Dance will live on in our house as the resounding favorite of both Emma Marie and Raymond.  The stomping, soaring, and running involved gets everyone up- moving and grooving!




Children, all children I think love to see themselves on screen.  This Gaming System lets the children see what they are doing and interact with the games.  There was a viewing gallery off to the side with two benches of moms breaking out their iPhone’s catching their little ones dance their hearts out.  It may have come up(multiple times) that this is the product to get this season.  And I couldn’t agree more!



Best Friends.





The LeapTV Gaming System is designed with kids in mind.  Children ages three to eight years old will learn by combining activity and movement with best-in-class educational curriculum from LeapFrog.  There are three unique ways to play: body motion, pointer play, and classic control.  LeapFrog games draw from 2,600 skills across core subjects like reading, math, science and creativity.

As a former educator I LOVE that LeapFrog is incorporating the act of play into learning.  There are too many games that children just sit and passively play.  Like the LeapBand, LeapFrog is promoting a healthy lifestyle with learning.  Young kids are up and moving which is EXACTLY what they should be doing more of.

This is definitely a system that will grow with your child.  I can say as a matter of fact that this will definitely help supplement learning in our house along with art, preschool, and outdoor activities.  Go out and grab one while you can!  I’ve heard from some of my mom friends that they are flying off the shelves this holiday season!


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I received free products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty. As always, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.