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A True Gift- A College Education

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and while you are thinking about what you can get for those little ones in your life you may want to keep this in mind- instead of buying another toy or sweater(that may never be worn) you could donate to the child’s 529 College Savings Plan.  Give them a gift they won’t outgrow. Learn how you can give the gift of education and receive valuable tax breaks at az529.com/gift1. This is an incredible alternative to buying “just another gift” and is truly going to a great cause- their educational future.

The ACPE is working with three financial partners to help make college dreams come true.  Toys don’t last. An education does. Learn how you can give the gift of education and receive valuable tax breaks at az529.com/gift1. If you would like to open a 529 College Savings Plan for your child, the time is now. The money in the account will be used for qualified higher education expenses and grows tax free!  Goodness, when I think about how much money I spent out-of-pocket for books each semester… it would have been quite wonderful to be able to use those funds saved over the years to help pay for my education.  Giving the gift of knowledge is truly admirable.

Many of my friends opened up 529 College Savings Plans for birthday contributions instead of another toy(that inherently blares music and flashes lights). My husband and I are opening up ones for Raymond and Emma Marie so that our family and friends can choose to donate if they so wish. We also plan to contribute a certain amount per year and realize that every bit counts!

A future is the best gift you can give a child. Learn how you can give the gift of education and receive valuable tax breaks at az529.com/gift1.



The ACPE has financial partners you can choose from to help with all of your questions about 529 College Savings Plan. If you would like to open a 529 College Savings Plan in person you can go to Waddell & Reed.  Fidelity, and College Savings Bank offer online enrollment.


Help make college more than just a dream this holiday season!



This is post is sponsored by  the ACPE.  All opinions as always are 100% my own.

Just Like Her Brother: Nuby Pop-Up Cup

Emma and Her Grown-Up Cup
If you want your littlest to do something… have their older brother do it first. BOOM. Works Every.Single.Time.  After trying to have her be successful with straws in a big-girl cup(just like her brother) on her insisting, but she just wasn’t ready. So we introduced this Nuby Pop-Up Cup to Emma and after letting Raymond have a sip- she IMMEDIATELY asked for her own. WIN. I love that she was able to use the cup AND that the cup can take her biting. Great quality of a cup!
The Nûby™ Pop-Up™ Cup features the easy pop up action sipper that is easy to use. The snap on cap will keep the sipper clean while on the go. Available with fun character prints and colors to make cup drinking more fun.
The Easy-Grip design makes it easier for a child to hold.  Emma Marie loves having her own cup of milk at the table and we are happier than ever that she can successfully use this all on her own.
After not being able to use a straw cup like her brother she got incredibly discouraged and stopped accepting milk.  She doesn’t each cheese and rarely eats yogurt so I knew we needed to make something work.
This cup looks like a fancy water bottle.  Emma learned quickly how to take off the top(so much fun, I swear-priceless) and reveled in being able to actually put it on her pant line-like an old school beeper(anybody??? anybody???) and boy do those tricks make her feel like one grown-up little lady. I definitely think this is a smart buy and one that personally works for our little family!
Available at these  fine retailers:
    • DD’s Discounts
    • Meijer
    • JC Penney
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