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Monk Fruit in the Raw MommyParty

Thankful that I was able to host an In The Raw MommyParty.  I loved learning about this zero calorie sweetener and whipping up some fabulous recipes to share with my family and friends.  Hot Cocoa, Honey Green Tea, Sweet Lemon Tea, Sweet Lemonade were part of the beverages in my MommyParty Beverage Bar.  Raymond and Emma Marie helped me make some allergy-free(no egg, gluten and nut-free) chocolate chip cookies.  I was definitely interested in how “sweet” the cookies would taste, and I was definitely not disappointed. There were fresh veggies, cheese and crackers, and of course some more baked goodies(can’t have enough during the holidays) and everyone walked away with big smiles on their faces(and lots of leftovers tucked away in their goody bags).

Monk Fruit In The Raw Packets: Just one orange packet packs the sweetness of about two teaspoons of sugar.  Sweeten tea or coffee- hot or cold.  Mix up a cocktail(or mocktail), blend a smoothie, or sprinkle on cereal.

Monk Fruit In The Raw Bakers Bags: Since it measures just like sugar, the Bakers Bag formula is perfect for use in your favorite sweet recipes!


Raymond may or may not have had a dance party in the kitchen when I told him he would be helping me make chocolate chip cookies that HE could eat. With so many food-allergies it is hard to find winning recipes that work for us with all of the substitutions we need to make and how safe the ingredients are( nut-free facility…)- so this was a treat.

He was beaming when we put on his apron and couldn’t wait to get his “hands”-as he calls them- on to help bake.


My Big Helper






Declaring himself the official taste-tester.  Don’t worry- this is perfectly safe- he is allergic to eggs-therefore this egg-free concoction is his for the picking.


Old school? He high-fived the parchment paper. Yep, he made hand-print cookies.  But guess what? They tasted just like the round cookies.





Best. Day. Ever


Emma Marie- the climber in the family couldn’t wait to don her apron, grab her baby, and see what all the commotion was about.  My fearless girl got to the top, took two bites out of a cookie, and then quickly decided she was “too high”.  She scales, non-climbable(I swear) things all the time, so this was a shock to us… but at least she enjoyed the two bites.

Pirate Tattoo that my husband put on her from a birthday party that is actually quite hard to remove… I didn’t know she was tatted until bath-time that night-she had been wearing long-sleeves all day-and it was quite the surprise to me and her.  Yep, she forgot he had put that on her and tried to run away from it. Not kidding. Yep. Take a second to picture a toddler being terrorized by an object on her arm.  We’re winning at this parent thing I tell you.

After a morning spent baking, getting the cheese tray out, and cutting up veggies it was time to prep for the party! Beverage Bar for the Win!



Beverage Bar



 Assortment of lemons and limes.


 Hot Cocoa Bar

Hot Chocolate

White Marshmallows

Rainbow Marshmallows

White Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chips

Definitely the fan-favorite as we are actually enjoying some cold weather here in Arizona.  I loved that the Monk Fruit In The Raw made our homemade cocoa just that much sweeter!


 Sweet Lemon Tea

Honey Green Tea


 Sweet Lemonade


 Hide ‘n Sweet Game:

Before the guests arrived, I hid packets of Monk Fruit In The Raw throughout the downstairs…. Raymond definitely is ALL ABOUT Hide ‘n Seek these days so it was pretty priceless to see him take this game so seriously.


S.W.E.E.T Word Game:

Guest’s flexed their vocabulary with this fun word game with a “sweet” twist!

We used a timer to see who could get all the fields filled in the fastest- pretty hilarious ice-breaker for the party.

The prize was a fabulous purple flowered head band!




Each guest walked out with their bellies full of goodness and this sweet cotton sack with their own assortment of Monk Fruit In The Raw samples.  Love being able to give little goody bags to all of my lovely friends and family!



Loved hosting this party and can’t wait to do another beverage bar over the holidays with our family that is flying in from Hawaii and Washington State!

I feel like I need to perfect a “theme” for future beverage bars… felt like there may have been too many flavors I was trying and that might have ended up being more work on my end because of that… over zealous? Perhaps.


What are your go-to beverages when you host company? 

I would love to hear about any tips, tricks, or recipes you have. Please share.




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I received free products in order to host the In The Raw sponsored MommyParty. As always, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.