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Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Boys & Girls



As parents we decided to include some essentials and a couple of sweet treats for both of our little one’s stockings.  Growing up Santa filled our stockings with small treats, healthy essentials, and a couple toys(or one big toy next to the tree).  My husband grew up with small presents in his stockings(wrapped) and candy- first one up had to start the fire and they could all look at their stockings until everyone was up.  We wanted to continue the traditions of our childhoods and came up with stocking stuffer goodies AND essentials.

Check out our finds for Emma Marie(1) and Raymond(3) for them to find under the tree Christmas Morning.  Goodness do I wish we had a mantel-but frankly our weather doesn’t warrant a fire very often here in Arizona.



1. Babiators in Violet Pilot– She has a pair in pink… so this is technically non-essential and going to be a “fun” addition to her outfits, along with sun protection out here in the desert. Honestly, wish they made these in adult sizes.

2. C’est Love Bows– Local Find. Met this fabulous momprenueur and she makes LOVELY baby girl accessories.

3. Panda Hat- Local Farmers Market Find- Em grinned from ear-to-ear when she picked this out. We definitely thought she would want an owl one… so glad she picked this out on her own.  Definitely will realize that next year we will be on our own because Raymond will remember where we are and what we pick out on our own… but I will revel in the thought that she will be OH SO happy at finding these treasures under the tree.


1. Toothbrush- Necessity- Em needs a new one and this caterpillar one looks priceless.

2. Toothpaste- MY LITTLE PONY- LOVE- She picked this out awhile ago… and my heart went pitter-patter but you know- she’s one and won’t remember.

3. Socks- She wears all of Raymond’s hand-me-downs which is great-until we realize all the other socks we have in her size doesn’t have those critical non-slip skidds on… a couple wipe-outs on the tile? Yep. Necessary.

4. Bubble Bath- a treat for both of them.

5. Pajama Set- New PJs for the holidays- going to make this a holiday tradition with our little ones.




1. Babiators in Black– For the life of me we can not find his other pair of trusty, non-breakable, Babiators.  And so here is our second pair- the first lasted two years and he loves them.

2. Flashlights- Ninja Turtle and Energizer.  All he talks about is flashlights so I hope he is happy with these.

3. Ninja Turtle Hat- Local Saturday Market Find.  He has actually been wearing this non-stop for the last couple of days… so it may not appear in the stocking- BUT he does love it. Win-Win.




1. Toothbrush- Necessity- Raymond needs a new one and this caterpillar one looks priceless- plus it came in a two pack. Winning.

2. Toothpaste- TMNT- notice a trend here? He loves everything about the Turtles…

3. Socks- He just turned three and is in size 12 shoes… he needed bigger socks. Santa for the win.

4. Bubble Bath- a treat for both of them.

5. Pajama Set- New PJs for the holidays- going to make this a holiday tradition with our little ones.


Santa for the win.  Essentials & Goodies for our little ones.

Santa is surely bringing a train set- the one train set Raymond has asked for-for months-we saved(and saved) and are super proud that this year we are able to make his sweet dream come true.  Em? Well I think she is just going to be happy with Nana being here… besides there are a couple of little items we plan on having them both open as a family.


What do you plan on putting in your little one’s stockings?

What traditions did you grow-up with on Christmas morning?